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    Looking for 4 tickets to Colorado State

    I am looking for 4 tickets to the Colorado St game. Thanks
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    website question

    how do I stop the videos from playing on gopherhole? driving me nuts!!
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    Wanting Football tickets for Eastern Illinois

    Looking for 4 tickets to the season opener for Eastern Illinois. Thanks
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    recruiting mobile apps?

    I was wondering if there is a football recruiting mobile app.?
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    KSTP hating on the gophers and Jerry Kill

    I'm not sure who these Judd & Phun guys are but they are blasting the sh!t out of then for basically everything, gray is horrible, Nelson is horrible and shouldn't be playing, North Carolina lost to Duke and we're ducking them, Max Shortell should transfer and is not good enough to ever play...
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    Ben Boulware MLB

    gophers recently offered, youtube his name and watch his video, fun to watch, plays pissed off and actually tackles a RB and a referee at the same time, picked up one RB like a wrestler and slammed him to the ground. Love the aggressiveness.
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    Brookins & Rucker

    Anyone know much about these two from MN. are they both scholly worthy, I can't remember the last time MN produced two D1 DB in the same year, hopefully these two can become gophs.
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    Wisconsin game visitors?

    anyone got info on who is coming in for their official. Think it was mentioned on this site earlier in the week that the Miami 4 plus D Joyner were coming in, that gives us 5, anyone else?
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    anyplace to watch the game tonight

    online or on tv? I saw the BTN is replaying it tomorrow.
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    Your the coach, which JUCO positions do yo address?

    James Gillum a JUCO RB has reportedly been offered by Kill and the Gophs and supposedly coming in for a visit. Got me thinking which other positions would you recruit for a JUCO player. I'm thinking a FS and SS are tops on the list with DT and a shutdown CB close behind. Looking through the...
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    plans have changed, need Iowa tix

    due to family coming in from out of town I need 2 more Iowa tix, i am current season tix holder and am looking for 2 for my sister and brother in law.
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    existing ticket holder looking for 2 more for Nebraska

    brother and sister in-law coming in from Fl. for the Neb weekend. Wife wants to spend time with sister, gotta get more tickets!
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    Leidner gets scholarship offer

    the gophs to play QB. Anyone know much about him or have a link for some video?
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    Question for Doogie

    Just wondering why in your opinion that there is very little attention paid to the Karl Dunbar sexual assault case. ProFootballTalk and Mike Florio is the first I have heard of this and I looked through the newspapers and websites and found virtually no other mention of this. I listened to...
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    1/2 of a shotgun?

    does mike grimm mean the pistol formation?
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