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    Greder: U displaying its 2019 BT West trophy in the Larson Football Performance Center.

    I saw a photo last night of a trophy for division champ that Michigan displays from a year when they lost the tiebreaker and didn't play in the B1G Championship game. Minnesota fans can be just awful. Following the logic of far too many: A trophy for a co-championship of the division should...
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    Which endzone has had more touchdowns at TCF?

    I sit in the SE corner and we have had some memorable TD's in that corner. Decker's tip toe TD from Weber, just as he was being blasted by a Cal Dback, Bateman flying by after his long jaunt from midfield against Penn State, MarQueis Gray's fourth-down sprint for the pylon to beat Iowa, etc...
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    Phil Steele and his preseason Top 25

    I enjoy Time Hop on my phone and I have it show me my social media activity from past years. So, I am seeing a lot of comments from a year ago at this time when a lot of these preseason picks, and conference predicted order of finish lists were being published. They are so often wildly wrong...
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    PJ FLECK in NDSU territory 2nite.

    Isn't saying "PJ Fleck in NDSU territory 2nite" sort of like saying "PJ Fleck is in St. Thomas territory" when he takes his kids to the science museum?
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    NCAA Ruling Allows D-III St. Thomas to Make Unprecedented Leap to D-I

    Wow! Gustavus would have the biggest basketball arena capacity, by far, if it were in the Summit League. Capacity 3500 and it has been packed a few times for college games over the years. Sort of a low tide for the program right now so those capacity games were back in the 00's.
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    NCAA Ruling Allows D-III St. Thomas to Make Unprecedented Leap to D-I

    I agree that it was certainly possible the MIAC ejection was all by design. I'm just annoyed the league was given a repeated black eye on social media and elsewhere by the pitchfork mob shaping the narrative as if this was some sort of sign of the times where everyone wants a trophy and the...
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    NCAA Ruling Allows D-III St. Thomas to Make Unprecedented Leap to D-I

    I can’t help but think back to my irritation level when the MIAC made the decision to show UST the door. It was such an easy narrative to jump on in social media... “wow, the school won too much so their snowflake conference asked them to leave.” UST had outgrown the conference and had become...
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    Opponent Preview: P.J. Fleck Has Minnesota Rolling

    I was brought up in outstate MN and didn't get much exposure to other fan bases. So, I didn't develop the rivalry feels for Wisconsin and Iowa that most people that live and work in the Twin Cities develop, being surrounded by Badger and Hawkeye fans/alumni in their work places. As a kid, I...
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    Mike Grimm Appreciation

    I enjoy Grimm's calls. I loved Ray. He is just one of those people that is always around or does something that you connect with through much of your life to the point you just wish we could all live as long as 200 year old tortoises. I would have loved to hand Ray C down to my kids and have...
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    Iowa Reverses Player Social Media Policy

    gotta think this is just a start. Based on all the former player comments - I'm guessing there will be a lot more changes on the way.
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    Places we want the Gophers to play at....

    I've been so nervous about Covid potentially affecting the upcoming season that it is hard for me to think beyond very simple goals. Where are some places I would like to see them play? On a football field. Any field. ON TIME. In the spirit of the actual intended question: I would love to...
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    Stadiums in which social distancing won't be an issue

    It was really fun to see the last two home games packed for the Gophers last year. But, in general this thread seems like a rock throwing exhibition in a glass house. One’s memory doesn’t have to be extremely long to recall some attendance-challenged home games of our own.
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    Regis decommits. Anyone know why?

    I blocked Vertias within a few days of him registering. It continually amazes me when I visit a thread like this, where all I see is people arguing with comments that I can't see: "You are ignoring content by this member. Show Ignored Content." Think of all the lost time repeatedly arguing...
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    The Worst College Football Firings Since 2000 (Glen Mason, Minnesota)

    With the hind sight benefit of knowing what a flop Brewster was, it would have been nice to see what Mason could have done with the new stadium. In many ways, he deserved that. However, without any hind sight available to say what would have happened if MN had retained Mason into the TCF Bank...
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    St. Thomas - Are They Hosed?

    I have been to at least two high stakes basketball playoff games at UST (both vs Gustavus) where Gustavus fans have outnumbered St. Thomas fans by more than a 3 to 1 margin. There is only one athletic event per season that draws the UST student interest: The football game against St. John's...
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