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    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    I am not normally a fan of “all things” threads on GH but in this case I am glad there is one for Fleck job opportunities. It makes it easy for me to usually avoid a bunch of MN self loathing fans worrying about things that won’t likely happen. I say “usually” because the Tenn rumors were...
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    Packers decision to kick field goal late - can anyone explain it?

    One line of chatter from that game that is really getting to me is the pass interference call on the Tyler Johnson play shouldn't have been called because the refs were letting stuff go earlier in the game. I'd be more upset about missed calls than one that was called correctly, if I were...
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    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    Mike Max on WCCO didn't sound too concerned about the Tenn rumors this morning. His point was Fleck's agent likes to float Fleck's name as part of the name branding side of the business, but he hadn't heard anything concrete regarding Fleck departing, being interested in departing, etc.
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    Packers decision to kick field goal late - can anyone explain it?

    Horrible decision. I nearly fell out of my chair when the field goal unit was sent out. If they don’t convert 4th and goal, they still have TB pinned deep, with their timeouts and a chance at a short field for their offense in the final minute. By kicking the field goal, they still would...
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    STrib: Gophers' 2021 football schedule is something: Ohio State for openers, Cornhuskers for closers

    Didn't I see the B1G plans to shake up the 2021 schedule? If it plays out as it is currently scheduled - it should be very interesting, no doubt.
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    Colorado will have new dc; bunch in portal

    I love getting P5 opponents for early non conference games. I'd be happy to return to an 8 game conference schedule if at least one non-con game could be guaranteed to be a P5 opponent.
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    Bielema hires away Purdue dline coach...Brohm down 3 def coaches now

    Once a seat gets a little warm, it so often gets hot, and then the inevitable firing. Even with a solid plan, a coach with a warm seat faces recruiting headwinds and it is easy for things to snowball. It is like a gazelle surviving a leopard attack. Sure, it survived but that big gash on its...
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    Mike Leach Brought a Decade's Worth of Embarrassment to Mississippi State in Less Than a Year

    I’m just a fan but I will own up to my mistakes or takes that prove to be wrong over time. There are a lot of reasons why I am not a D1 athletic director. I was very critical of Maturi for not even giving Leach the opportunity to interview, and I thought he would be a great hire, at the time...
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    Jack Coan transferring to Notre Dame

    Nice landing spot for Coan. Looks like Wisconsin fans were appreciative and positive in their comments to him on Twitter last night after this was announced. Mertz really seemed to level off after the hot start he had in his first game against Illinois. My hope is Wisconsin continues to...
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    Bowl games winners and losers

    It was close to have the B1G be a "winner" here as well as a couple games that could have gone the other way to make the SEC a "loser" on this list. But, especially Indiana and Cincinnati blew it so that made things overall more of a push for the two leagues. If the past is any indication...
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    Which season was better - 2019 MN or 2020 IU

    MN sports fans are so beaten down that even when something goes well, they will twist in contortions to alter history if they can, to make it worse. We have enough heartbreak and disappointment across the board that I don’t think we need to take away from the rare good things. 2019 was...
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    Buttliema new HC at Illinois

    So a talented coach like that obviously must have bounced back after being fired at Illinois, right? his B1G coaching record was 18-38.
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    Buttliema new HC at Illinois

    Seems sort of like a Zook kind of hire. And, replacing a retread with a retread. As a division rival... I like the hire.
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    The Northwestern-Minnesota game set for Saturday in Minneapolis is officially canceled

    Gotta think the Nebraska game is in jeopardy too. What an awful year on so many levels.
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    Wiscy Game Canceled

    Reschedule it for crossover week please!
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