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    Welcome new GopherHole Members!!

    Member since 2010. Lifelong fan plus medical school and residency at UMN. Had student tickets then season tickets for 8 years during that time and somehow never missed a home game. Now I'm on the west coast and have to work every Saturday of football season and it's been killing me that I can't...
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    Morgan being evaluated for a possible concussion.

    Once an athlete is symptom free for 24 hours the standard return to play protocol is: Day 1: Light bike with standard computer test like impact, need to be at baseline to be cleared, large schools may have multiple of these tests Day 2: harder bike Day 3: running/agility/weights Day 4...
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    Inspiring story of former Gopher track athlete competing at Olympic Trials I thought this was an inspiring story about a former gopher athlete and her difficult road to the olympic trials and thought I would share. She just finished with the second fastest time in prelims and...
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