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    If Big Ten Tournament Held Today

    Sounds like B10 tournament is totally up in the air, including site. My guess is they will include everyone (unless COVID issues) or none and have it in Indy if at all...
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    If Big Ten Tournament Held Today

    If there is a B10 Tournament...move up to 6th and get in the Wiscy bracket...or move up to 4th and get a first round bye...
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    What's the worst thing for you about not being able to attend home games in person??

    I miss the games, but also the ice cream at halftime...
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    Fascinating read: The pandemic has all but shut down the income streams for halftime performers, who typically make $1,500 to $5,000 a show.

    I took our 5th grade team several years ago. We were not paid, but got 50 discounted upper deck tickets that we were expected to sell or purchase... Very cost effective halftime entertainment...
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    Trevor Winter

    Took a road trip to Iowa City in 97 with my son. I still remember him setting a screen in the backcourt when Iowa was pressing us. He sent one of their guards flying and didn’t flinch. Classic pick. Video I could watch over & over. Great guy. I also knew his Dad - great guy as well.
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    Sad news: Quick Change’s David Maas dies due to COVID-19.

    Sad news indeed. Quick Change was my absolute favorite of the annual touring halftime shows. I, too, could never figure out how they did it. I mean I know how they did it in a sense, but I still marveled at the way they could do it right in front of thousands of people and it would fool your...
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    Finishing Predictions?

    5-3 Regular season; 7-3 with Post season
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    Nice video of Blakes miracle shot v Indiana

    Great memories! We were sitting next to obnoxious Hoosier fans at the time. Boy did they get quiet fast.
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    What is the damn season ticket plan???

    Sounds just like they are doing for football.
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    Gophers at Indiana comeback win from 97

    Amazing game! I remember listening on the radio and thinking I should turn it off several times. I just kept listening, then I couldn't get to sleep afterwards! What a game!
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    Favorite Gopher for 2020

    I was a Brooks's hard to move many good choices. Spann-Ford
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    Cheerleaders Not Cleveland St. Get Punished

    I wonder if the basket tosses made YouTube???
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    Lutefisk VS Grilled Salmon

    Brewster for me - he was a fish out of water...
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    Daniel Oturu's draft position

    Wow! Much lower than I anticipated. He may end up playing in the G League with his former teammates...
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