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    He hasn’t proven in almost ten years, he is not going to get it together in two weeks.
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    Alcohol sponsorships

    Right before Pandemic. Park City.
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    Alcohol sponsorships

    I beg to differ. Had to order some olives just to get a beer. And literally could not find a place in Salt Lake City to watch a game with my teenage son. In fact, he wasn’t even allowed in the Marriott lounge. For breakfast.
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    Why Doesn't Rick Spielman Draft Golden Gophers?

    Where does it say all success = winning lottery?
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    Two time first team All MAC kicker Matthew Trickett commits!

    That effing WI game.... That effing MD game...
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    General Booty commits to Tyler Junior College

    Can’t believe General Booty went Juco.
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    St. Juste on Viking's Radar?

    It’s funny. I see thoughtful replies like this to a post I am unable to see because I blocked the poster you are responding to, Some Guy. I suggest you simply do the same.
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    Video: 30th Anniversary of "Send it in Jerome"

    Somehow I was able to remember he played for the Nuggets. Had to look up his five and five average though.
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    Kirk Ciarrocca out at Penn St

    Sometimes the grass isn’t greener.
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    List of Players Returning and Departing for 2021

    Give up a scholarship to grad school so someone else can use it? I mean.....
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