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    All Things Shamorie Ponds Recruiting Thread - UPDATED 9/16/15: Visit cancelled

    Part of a Twitter interaction between Gary Trent Jr. and Shamorie Ponds. Gary is recruiting for the gophers now? I like it!
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    Chris Jones released from Louisville

    Chris Jones Gaurd from Louisville averaged almost 14 ppg. Maybe if the circumstances of his release aren't too serious. Pitino could get him to be a gopher.
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    Do you like the "blackout" idea?

    I'm interested to see what the consensus on the board. Seems like we have a few members strongly against.
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    What Incomming 2015-2016 player are you most excited for?

    Thought I'd make this poll since our great class came to an end yesterday.
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    Twin Cities Classic: Aug. 10 @ Woodbury High School

    On Aug. 10 (not sure of times) there will be three All-Star games, a dunk contest, and a 3-point contest. Multiple Gopher recruits, class 2014-2019 will be at the event. Matt Jessen-Howard is Director of the event, and Alex Kline is on the Board of directors so it should be a good event...
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    Just how good is Josh Martin?

    I'm not sure how much he has grown. Or if he has grown at all? Josh just posted this picture on twitter of him next to Shaqquan Aaron and they look about the same height. Aaron is listed at 6'7"
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    Austin Hollins Invited To Portsmouth Invitational

    On April 16-19 Austin will participate with the top 64 in senior class.
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    Andre's lack of explosion

    What happened!? Came across this highschool clip, but i think I've only seen him dunk one time in a game. He looks quick with a huge verticle.
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    Bjorn Broman - Class of 2015 Leads Nation With 41.0 ppg

    Broman plays for Lakeview Christian Academy, a class A school in Duluth. Are we giving him any looks?
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    Jansen Baranowski

    Does anybody know anything about this guy. Or if he has any potential for us?
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