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    Anyone worried?

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    All on and off campus recruiting suspended through April 15

    Reading the Mobile Press News, Alabama (Saban) is concerned about the 2020 football season being cancelled. Apparently by not having spring practice his boys won’t know where or how to lineup. Haven’t heard anything similar from P.J. Fleck.
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    NCAA STATEMENT - "Only Essential Staff and Limited Family Attendance"

    70,000 deaths last year from common flu. Not a word from media. Now they have named the new flu “Trump flu”. Thanks goodness we don’t have a liberal as President or we would all be locked in our homes like the people in New Rochelle. Under a liberal Governor. But as I wrote, the people at...
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    NCAA STATEMENT - "Only Essential Staff and Limited Family Attendance"

    Wow! How stupid can the NCAA be? They are just buying into the media driven pandemic. What do they think the fans are going to do now that they can’t attend the game? 90% will go to the nearest watering hole to watch the games, in close personal contact. It’s a good thing Trump is...
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    Jabril Cox, NDSU linebacker/grad transfer

    Jabril Cox is way to slow to play LB in the BiG.
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    Would Minnesota accept a CBI bid ?

    Seriously does anyone know how Ricky handles his practice? I have seen video clips of his Dad at practice(in Louisville) where he is up on a balcony using a megaphone.
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    Pitino era is over, start the search now.

    Hopefully Coyle will replace both head basketball coaches. I sure don’t see anything positive with Whalen. The leading scorer transferring pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Whalen.
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    College Football Has Looming Attendance Issues, Especially For Cupcake Games

    Interesting article in the Baltimore Sun concerning Maryland and its football program. According to the article, Maryland paid 8.1 million dollars to Durkin and his staff to not coach last season. Somewhat offset by a 4,200 increase in attendance. Mainly living on the 43 million BIG 10 tv...
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    Expectations for next year if Oturu returns

    The number of losses will be directly proportional to the number of minutes that Omersa plays.
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    Not a foul - lol

    Just once I would like for officials to answer why certain calls were made or not called. But the BiG10 Director of officials, when asked, always gives the same stock answer - if we asked officials to justify calls or non-calls, we would not be able to hire officials. My answer to that BS...
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    Belated PJ Fleck Interview Report 3-1-20 (better late than never edition)

    While PJ is really good with his “coach speak” concerning his assistants. The truth remains, he hasn’t hired a great recruiter yet. At least according to a published list of the top recruiters in the big ten. No Gopher Assistant is listed. Two from Becky and two from the Nubby also two from...
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    Belated PJ Fleck Interview Report 3-1-20 (better late than never edition)

    To many excellent wide outs to take a chance with our TE. If we are throwing to the TE, needs to be second and short on plus side of the fifty.
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    NCAA preparing for possible coronavirus impact on men's and women's basketball tournaments

    25,000 people die from the regular flu each year. When the beer flu gets those numbers then I will cancel my wrestling tickets.
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    No reason not to start the Freshmen the rest of the way!

    If Pitino knows he is gone, why give the Freshmen experience ? Just helps the new guy.
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