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    New '22 Commit- Spencer Alvarez

    Very true. Brevyn has been our soon-to-break-out secret weapon for two years now. Anyway, it would be nice if we could start utilizing our tight end room more often like we did against Auburn.
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    All Things showing Biden’s (or whoever is running the show) weakness, ineptitude, and progressive leftism

    You should have cited our resident scientist @cncmin so that he could explain the nuances of this blatantly racist manuscript to us simple folk.
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    Leftists next target: Medicine

    I suppose if one held an extremely skewed and distorted perception of reality then these examples could theoretically be seen as a shift towards equilibrium. To the rest of us, it is just insanity.
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    Leftists next target: Medicine

    The left has infiltrated the entirety of academia for quite some time now. Medicine just took a bit longer for the malignancy to take root. Anyway, medical academia has been blessed with some high quality anti-white sentiment over the past few weeks. Example 1: Having whiteness can be...
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    Michael Flynn expected to plea GUILTY! LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!

    The “For God and Country Patriot Roundup” in Dallas is a Qanon event? That’s some pretty good misinfo/disinfo coming from a guy that claims to combat social media misinfo/disinfo in his twitter bio.
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    'Overwhelming Circumstantial Evidence' points to Wuhan Lab as Covid Origin Edit: I forgot this gem from Vox.
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    'Overwhelming Circumstantial Evidence' points to Wuhan Lab as Covid Origin

    What’s astounding is how all of the experts, the WHO, and the MSM knew next to nothing about the China flu virus in the spring of 2020, but were somehow able to claim with absolute certainty that it did not originate in a lab. Even worse, they went out of their way to discredit and belittle the...
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    All things Derek Chauvin trial

    Alex is saying that chem trails are turning the $%^ frogs gay? Can you back that up with a link? Of course you can’t.
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    All things Derek Chauvin trial

    Well, do you? Do you have a single thought that deviates from the narrative set by the MSM?
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    All things Derek Chauvin trial

    Infowars, alex Jones, Q, proud boys, fox news. Do you have a single original thought that deviates even slightly from MSM talking points?
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    Arizona Declares State of Emergency

    Yawn.........Just another neo-nazi, RW conspiracy theory. President Biden and Vice President Harris know exactly how to deal with our new immigrants.
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    Ted Nugent Tests Positive for COVID After Calling Pandemic a ‘Hoax': ‘I Thought I Was Dying’

    Ms. Ellefson wrote a 1 minute article about the irony of Theodore contracting the Wuhan virus and managed to tangentially include his views on David Hogg and Laura Ingraham. Most impressive!
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    Ben talks to team thread.

    @mjfelton15 Gone too soon, playa. You lived for threads like this. May the fields of North Branch continue to treat you and the missus well.
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    Dick Vitale sounds off: This transferring all over the place is going to destroy our great game

    Given the uncertainty of covid and the subsequent shutdowns last March, I can see why the NCAA did what they did regarding transfers at the time; however, a (mostly) full basketball season was just completed and vaccinations are increasing by the day. I actually agree with Dickie V on this one...

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