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    Offensive Coordinator Hot Board: Candidates to Replace KC

    I say Co-Offensive Coordinators in Simon and Patterson and hire a QB coach
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    At what point do you consider that "the program has been turned around"?

    I mean other teams storming the field after beating us seems like a good start. Also arguing with the press about where we are ranked vs. Alabama, also a good thing. I chose 4-5 year option. If we finish middle of the pack next year, this will be considered a fluke.
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    It is Thursday...who is playing QB Saturday?

    Lotta people butt hurt about not knowing. Who cares? Will it change things for you to find out tomorrow morning?
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    Badger bar to Move into old Library Location

    Because the service was beyond horrible
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    Sid: Jerry Kill on coaching on sidelines again: “Just being down there, it’s amazing”

    He's there to make sure that the cordless headset doesn't get tangled up
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    Anyone else getting spam from the site?

    Recently I get redirected to a spam page when on Gopherhole. Anyone’s else?
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    Quick Post-Game Thoughts

    - I know you cannot blame everything that happened prior on the refs, but with the momentum we had at that point, that missed PI is one of the worst I have seen. Just awful. I know many other schools (MSU & Wisco) have been screwed this year too, but that doesn't make me feel better. - Yes I am...
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    My 5 takes because you all asked

    1) Fort Collins is beautiful 2) CBS Sports not significantly better than Aggie Vision 3) Our defense is good 4) Saying Leidner is "average" would be a compliment at this point. Will hurt us all season 5) Rodney Smith is gonna be good
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    Something to think about

    On Saturday with a minute left, the Gophers were attempting an onside kick in an attempt to force a game with #8 Ohio State into overtime. Next week, they face Nebraska, a team they beat convincingly last year. If they win, they go onto Wisconsin to compete for the B1G West title. Just think...
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    Where is the Twitterverse reaction thread?

    I like that feature where we can see the Twitter reactions to the game. Any plans to continue it?
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    Part of the problem with the B1G is the lack of bitter rivals with some of those teams in comparison to what we had with some WCHA teams. I think we might have one starting with Michigan.
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    These freshmen look good. They move the puck very well. I hope they stick around.
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