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    B1G Balance of Power

    Michigan State is sort an interesting situation to watch unfold. Dantonio is crusty and not very charismatic, but he had a lot of great D line talent and high level WR and RB recruits for a many years , and much of that pipeline seems to gotten clogged up. Michigan getting better has hurt, I...
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    Mike Max: ‘Auburn’s Speed Might Be A Little Bit Much’; biggest problem "self doubt about do we belong with the big boys"

    I might have seen that game they lost, but I cannot remember for sure, although I do remember seeing Mike Max up close on the court, probably after our B-9th- 10th grade game on of those years. He was a decent guard, although we saw some better back then. Most of the guys on our team used to...
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    PJ Fleck interview on Sunday, Jan 5 (2020)

    Claeys probably could have had a good defense for years, and that would have been nice to see, at the time at least. It was very comforting to see great DB play and games like we saw in 2014, 2015 and 2016 on defense. TC also tried to fix the offense, and did not have much time to do that...
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    From the Auburn perspective.....

    I need to get a basement studio so I can post more video like this: Auburn Fan: OK it looks like he was not in a basement
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    Outback Bowl ESPN SEC Bias Coverage

    In bowl games it is best to be the team opposite the press box and main cameras to get best tv exposure. I like it when they split up the stadiums at the 50 yard lines with botg bands visible in the upper corners on tv, and both fanbases visible. This is rare with the Texas Oklahoma game in...
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    Outback Bowl ESPN SEC Bias Coverage

    Auto correction....miked up the band
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    Outback Bowl ESPN SEC Bias Coverage

    I agree about Jason bennetti? The play by play guy knew more about Minnesota and seemed positive. He even tried to bring that gas bag partnered with him back to reality. Yes, they did a terrible job of showing the band, but they seemed to like the middle aged woman by the blonde haired little...
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    Bryce Witham Appreciation Thread - Kid Deserves It!

    Yes, this was one of the plays that really stood out in the game for me (of course other than the spectacular #6 TDs)
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    Auburn Fan Reactions

    I grew up in the Minnesota River Valley and spent most my adult life in Saint Paul, so the far north and Range are complete mysteries to me. Sure I have spent time in Duluth, and even up in the BWCA but that probably did not help me understand the Iron Range much. I spent time in Alexandria...
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    Still can’t believe what we witnessed this season

    Having lived through the Iowa game in person, and feeling so crushed at the Wisconsin game, the season lost a little of its luster for me the last few weeks. I felt sort of quietly burned out. A few relatives were sort of shocked that I had not committed to traveling to Tampa. Predictably, it...
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    Raymond James Stadium - What was it like?

    I was very close to booking a last minute AM trip and PM return for $400 on Delta but wimped out. One of the reasons I was looking forward to it was how appealing the weather and the stadium always look on Outback Bowl TV broadcasts. The Bucs stadium is a pretty good looking NFL venue despite...
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    From the Auburn perspective.....

    I was very impressed by the blocking on several running plays and couple of the "tunnel" screens. We all were pretty excited by the blocking on the clinching run by Mo at the end, but the blocking on the previous first down (right before Fleck went off on the line judge) was equally...
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    Outback bowl trophy presentation

    ESPN kept showing the Alabama highlights during later breaks, but very little on Minnesota. Auburn.. why? Is not the upset a better story?
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    Marquette and Milwaukee suck donkey.....
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    "They have beaten only one ranked team!"

    I just smoked two cigars and it is getting cold on the balcony here in San Diego and there is a giant carne asada burrito getting cold, but I have two more good beers to polish off before I hit the hay....better luck for me tomorrow
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