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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    Michael Olowo of Rogers and Dorian Singer from Tartan both transferring to Pinnacle High School in Phoenix to finish their high school careers. Both announced today. Interesting.
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    Official: Big Ten is going to a conference-only season, playing 10 games

    I'd be okay with Ohio State at home. Will be a tough matchup, but I like marquee opponents. Of the other options, Indiana is my second choice.
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    JD Spielman. RTB?

    His Twitter handle is Tazy. And Spielman, JD (Tazy) is what shows in the picture of the student directory search screen grab the person tweeted. That person tweeted @ Tazy to see if he would respond. I don't care about the @. What I noted was the link between JD's twitter name and the name...
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    JD Spielman. RTB?

    I understand how Twitter tagging works. But he posted a picture of JD Spielman's name coming up in a search of the TCU student directory. I wasn't referring to the Twitter @.
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    JD Spielman. RTB?

    That is his Twitter handle, so looks likely. Bit of irony he ends up with Jerry Kill after all?
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    Sporting News: Would you take Ferentz or Minnesota's P.J. Fleck for the next three years?

    Today's Iowa announcement can't be good for their reputation, but the fact they're paying Doyle $1M+ in severance indicates to me that they don't blame anyone within the football program leadership for what happened. As for Frost, when did he start a 'brick by brick' philosophy? He came out of...
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    Sounds like Brohm is promising a legit shot at QB. Good for him. Gophers will be fine.
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    Around the B1G West...

    Early enrollee at Nebraska already entered the transfer protocol. 4* DB.
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    Perception to black recruits and their families

    We are going to need these young men to be future leaders now more than ever. Share their perspective and experiences, raise their voices, and lead our community into a stronger, more equitable future for everyone.
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    Regis and Eastern both got bumps to 4 Star. I still see Regis' tweets and re-tweets of others re: his commitment.
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    Minnesota Gophers - 2020 NFL Draft

    Chris Williamson to the Giants as well!
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    Johnson joins Winfield in Tampa Bay

    Now Tampa just needs to grab Coughlin and Martin, and I'll have a new alternate favorite team.
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    New Commit- Devon Williams!

    He has good instincts and keeps his eyes on the prize along with nice tackling form. I can see him getting a ratings bump if he continues to develop his senior year.
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