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    Shama: NBA source on Oturu: “I’ve heard he is gone for sure" Interesting Ranking has him in the 50's Unless alphabetical order (ha) - interesting takes of Lottery vs late, late 2nd Round.
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    Iowa Big 10 Kickoff 2020 -- FRIDAY NIGHT - Sept 18

    Interesting. Will be a short week for Iowa, as I think they play Iowa State the weekend before.
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    Tailgate pass vs Maryland LOT C37

    I have one pass available for Maryland - could be the game to go to 8-0 and set up the Monster Match up with Penn State. Asking $100.00 Email
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    Purdue Game Time.....

    I may have missed - or it was buried with no news. But am I correct to assume we are in the ever "Fan Friendly" portion of the schedule where they will let us know a whopping 7 days in advance of kick off time. This is by far the most annoying part of the scheduling. It does appear that with...
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    Marqueis Gray on IR.......Cruel Game Too bad - got some good reviews and was slated to have a breakout year as a starter in Miami.
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    Lot C37 - Fresno State

    We have 1 pass available - $75.00 Can meet this week.
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    Gophers vs Michigan State Feb 13th

    We lost our sitter for the night and have a conflict that arose later in the week so we can't go. We have 2 tickets in Section 216 Row 2 - Face was $80/each + $5/fee - Chairback Seats We would take $120 ($50 total below face) - these are cheaper than any other tickets on StubHub, Craigslist...
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    Weather looks perfect. We have an extra pass. Lot opens at 8:30 am on Saturday. $80.00 - contact me and we can meet up.
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    4 Tickets - vs Wisconsin -- Section 110 Row 31 and Row 25 -- 2 Pairs -50 yd line $175

    I have 2 sets of Wisconsin Tickets -- 50 yard line, sunny side of the field. One in Row 31 and One in Row 25 -- awesome seats. Less than the $215 the ticket office prices this game out to, averaging out the requested donation amounts. Hard Tickets in Hand - I am out of town with family, so...
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    2 Nebraska Tickets Section 110 Row 31 -- $200/each

    I have an extra pair of Nebraska Tickets -- 50 yard line, sunny side of the field. Less than the $235 the ticket office prices this game out to, averaging out the requested donation amounts. Hard Tickets in Hand - I have another pair, just don't need all 4 PM Me or text at 651 283 5811
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    C37 Tailgate Spot -- $100 -- Sept 30 vs Maryland and Nov 25 vs Wisconsin

    Asking $100/game. Have the tickets in hand and can meet anytime. I am out of town for both games - my loss your gain. PM Me or text 651 283 5811
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    NCAA Session 2

    Anyone who got tickets - the strip - interested in selling their Session 2 tickets? I don't have any yet but I am taking my 7 year old son. He is a huge Minnesota fan and my wife went to Iowa State, so in turn he is a HUGE Iowa State fan. Going to give him a surprise trip to Milwaukee for...
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    Tailgating vs Northwestern Lot C37 -- FOR SALE $100

    I have 1 pass available for the Northwestern Game. PM with interest
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    C37 Tailgate FOR SALE - 2 Colorado St Tickets on 50 yd line FOR SALE

    I have tailgate passes available for the following games: Prices per game listed: Sept 10th Indiana St $80 Sept 24th Colorado State $100 SOLD Oct 22nd Rutgers $100 SOLD Nov 19th...
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    I donated a package of tickets to a family that is a close family friend of my in-laws. They had a beautiful girl who was born with only 3 chambers to her heart, and we need 4. She lived an amazing 2 years but finally lost her battle. She was such a sweet heart and her smile would warm any...

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