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    B1G Game 17: Gophers Host Nebraska (2-24-21)

    It looked like Hubbard rode the bike to stay loose every time they took her out!
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    B1G Game 14: Gophers Host Wisconsin (2-14-21)

    I have been watching the Gophers on btn+ on my computer for years. It went from frustrating to watch because the people filming didn't know what they were doing to a pretty enjoyable experience. I'm sure a lot of you more tech savvy than me have been casting it to your tv for years. I just...
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    B1G Game 13: Gophers Host Illinois (2-10-21)

    I think sara's shoulder was hurting by the end of the game! With 1 minute 17 seconds left in the game Powell gave her a high five and Sara used her left hand. Then Powell had Sara use her right hand and Powell grimaced as if to say that must hurt!
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    2022 Recruiting

    I don't see where we would have an extra scholarship unless somebody transfers!
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    B1G Game 8: Gophers Visit Nebraska (1-19-21)

    I thought it was cute when Powell acted like she was nervous chewing her fingernails after she iced the game with 2 free throws! This was during the timeout right after the free throws!
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    2021 Recruiting

    Minnesota Offers 4-Star Point Guard TyTy Washington she,s 6 foot three the story is from 247 sports that I am unable to read!
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    Kadi Sissoko Starting?

    Here's what the Syracuse coach said about her as a freshman. "She can shoot the ball. She can score from all spots on the perimeter,'' Hillsman said. "She can play off the...
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