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    ***Maryland @ MN - Saturday 1/23. Terp Time - OFFICIAL THREAD***

    That 12% doesn't even tell the story. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many awful shots. "Air ball" is being too kind.
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    Both Gach

    It's GH's reaction I'm comparing, not them as players. Many here deemed Rodney a disappointment early in his Gopher career. Work on your reading comprehension.
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    Both Gach

    I really don't know what to think about Both except wait and see. I expected him to be more of a factor, but he's a transfer into a lot more physical conference in a pandemic year where very little is normal. Some of the comments analyzing him remind me of the analysis of Rodney Williams...
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    Gophers in the NFL

    Not only that, but it would shut up the insufferable dickheads to the east.
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    What's the worst thing for you about not being able to attend home games in person??

    The roar that would have been bouncing off the rafters today and watching the students leading the charge onto the floor from the balcony above them.
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    New PWO Grad Transfer Kicker

    In memory of Gary Anderson, can we refrain from using the word in bold type when discussing any kicker from a Minnesota team?
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    Taking a knee at Iowa.

    Gosh, I hope accounting can keep up. $0.00 minus $0.00 equals $0.00
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    Dave Lee to retire

    FireDaveLee might already be drunk, but I'd think he'd be here rejoicing.
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    STrib: Gophers 7-footers over the years

    I still remember how ticked I was at him when he came up with a rebound that he first let bounce off the floor. Other Gopher players had boxed their guys out and expected him to grab it--which, I guess, he eventually did.
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    List of Players Returning and Departing for 2021

    Yes, and some of the comments on GH by so-called Gopher fans were just brutal about him. Weren't commenting on a play but attacking him personally. Felt bad for his family, especially when his dad posted here asking for some understanding.
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    NFL team wants to interview Fleck for head coaching job

    Glen Mason is the poster boy for that around here.
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    Be interesting to see how they try to handle Carr. Our dislike/hatred of Davidson might go to another level if he pulls some of his usual crap while guarding Marcus.
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    Rebounds: Minnesota 52 Michigan State 36 Never would have thought I would ever see that stat!
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    Former Gopher captain Jim Carter on Gophers opting out of bowl: “I’m opting out of consideration to play in the Masters next spring.”

    Ain't going to happen. He was an asshole when he played for the Gophers, and he's still an asshole.
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