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    Comedy Routines

    I love comedy and this guy is awesome:
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    Pro Wrestling-Favorite Finishing Moves

    Oh my ... that is fascinating. If that went by accident all the other people trying to help out are a bunch of clowns.
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    Pro Wrestling-Favorite Finishing Moves

    I wonder how the script writing of that went. Macho Man we will give you two bottles of your favorite pills if you let a de-venomized snake bite you.
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    Pro Wrestling-Favorite Finishing Moves

    I loved Jake the Snake's and Iron Shiek's finishers. I really also enjoyed Million Dollar Man's theatrics. Theatrics might be a different thread.
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    Trump bans TikTok

    You are really going to get creeped out by Ogee picking his admin assistant by breast size and his golf course by the looks of the high school girl on the beverage cart. Good luck sticking around on this board.
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    Trump bans TikTok

    This feels like 46D chess. It is either 1 of 2 things. He isn't going to get the young people vote and parents can't seem to know how to get their kids to off the app. Therefore, parents will be thrilled on Trump's decision and vote for him. Or The influencers on TikTok are not pushing his...
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    American students

    I did a foreign experience in Europe in high school. I had the same reaction. The classes were super easy. In one class I thought the cheating was so obvious and unsophisticated that the teacher couldn't possibly care. I did another foreign experience in college. My one university...
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    Only 17% of teachers in Minnesota want to return to full time in-person instruction in September

    I'm doing a ton of research on homeschooling. There are curriculum that appear similar to the distance learning model. Are you able to point to where you found the differences. I am weighing my options.
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    Only 17% of teachers in Minnesota want to return to full time in-person instruction in September

    Everything I have seen about you posting is that your first attempt at teaching distance learning (5 days to prepare) and the matter of it being end of school track makes me think that going into a class room with you this fall would be vastly improved. As far as the voting: Asking a teacher...
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    Do you wear a mask?

    Now you just need a post of you stating you watch Tucker to hit the hat trick of not being able to analyse data sets.
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    Book Recommendations

    I've restarted Wheel of Time again in prep of the TV series
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    I'm Damn Proud of Minnesota

    Yup I grew up in the Spring Branch disctrict also not the wealthy memorial area though :)
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    I'm Damn Proud of Minnesota

    Where and where are you now? I grew up there and have family there.
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    I'm Damn Proud of America

    I like Pressure I want the financial markets to be able to dictate the other states ability to grow and sustain 1. New York - Might be a bit too selfish with the upper part of the state and the arts/creativity in the city 2. Illinois - You got a combination of straight farm and hard hitting...
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