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    2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate News...

    Where do you go? The Republican Party jumped ship with Rove and the Tea party movement. The Democrats as usual are playing from behind and think going extreme is the winning strategy.
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    Shocker at the Justice Department: More evidence the Trump Administration is the most corrupt in American history

    Sigh, the deep state doesn't even have to hide anymore they can operate out in the open.
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    Aimless Amy Klobuchar, Couldn’t Name Mexican President During Telemundo Interview

    I told you from the beginning Amy is the most dangerous for those who favor the extremes sides of the political party. She also won't be the nominee. It makes no sense moderate republicans would trash her.
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    James Carville’s Take on the Democratic Party

    Impact of extending life at a high cost vs maintaining life as age increases is not the same societal effect. I imagine that high schools / colleges debate classes are flooded with frameworks to debate these two. As I said and will continue to say this is a great debate topic, but I don't see...
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    James Carville’s Take on the Democratic Party

    I put what FDR did and the impact different then what we need now and the policies proposed today. It would be a great debate, but I don't see the need. I see the need of less Military complex not more New Deal.
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    James Carville’s Take on the Democratic Party

    The pendulum keeps swinging further and further each way. Karl Rove/Tea Party got me to jump off the Republican side. Now Warren/Sanders etc is keeping me from the other. Keep hoping for the moderates to win a ticket so the rest of us can vote for someone and not against someone.
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    2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate News...

    Moderates should be wanting Klobuchar. Instead of voting for a far righty or far lefty there will be a centralist pick that represents a better cross section of America.
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    2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate News...

    Klobuchar is representing the moderate pretty well. She also has a voting record that screams "not bernie". Back when Republicans paid attention to that stuff, it would make the label of socialist on her a stupid political move. Not a lot of people willing to do research, so Bad continues to...
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    FOX News: Christianity Today Magazine calls for Trump's removal from office

    I want to be careful since you drew a conclusion from my post. I never got the impression they were light on substance, but more moderate in the delivery. In addition, it sounds like the pizzazz is available due to not having high overhead for each satellite church.
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    FOX News: Christianity Today Magazine calls for Trump's removal from office

    My instinct on EB is that they have figured out that there isn't much difference between a liberal and conservative christian in MN. EB is able to market a christian experience for all families. They have specifically seem to be a market for Minnesotans wanting to provide a christian...
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    i think ima vote trump 2020

    I'm guessing this happened after SNL murdered the Dem candidates. Their cold open was on point, which might be one of the moving points for Trump to stay in power.
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    All Things Impeachment Inquiry

    It definitely matches the dumpster fire that is our president.
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    Why Does This Board Exist?

    Rock was the name you abandoned when i was embarrassing you, and you tried to come as a new moniker without people knowing. This is awesome.
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    Here we go again...It’s the Circle game folks, not white supremacy

    It is like the slug bug game. Gotta love games where you get to punch someone :D.
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