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    I like the format of the last week games on December 19: 1v1, 2v2, etc.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to having an ACC/B1G type challenge with the East vs. West on championship weekend every year. They won’t do it because they already dropped a non conference game recently, but it would be fun.
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    WE'RE BACK!!!

    Bowl season salvaged!
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    Big Ten Football in October?

    If they really do play in October, what evidence do they have that things are any safer 6 weeks later? Sounds like a backtrack if teams kick off on October 17.
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    Anyone else find themselves more crabby about the season with other games starting up?

    College football might as well be dead to me without the B1G. I just mooched off a family member's Sunday Ticket discount for students who otherwise wouldn't use it, so I'm all in on NFL for the year or until the B1G returns.
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    B10 Winter/Spring Season in Domes

    I find this about as hilarious as colleges postponing student move-in by 2-3 weeks. As if situation will improve significantly in a matter of weeks. If it's not safe to play in September, it won't be safe enough to play in January. Ya, we were saying similar things in March.
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    A heartfelt congratulations

    I think this term is overused, but PJ definitely lives rent free in the heads of our fellow B1G west members.
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    Will Basketball follow football and be cancelled?

    I don't think basketball will be cancelled entirely. There is a 3-4 week academic break in the middle of the season that will allow for some type of tournament. I do think the non-conference schedule will be scrapped in the next month or so though. Then we'll hear if they'll try to play the...
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    Dan Patrick reports Big Ten had internal vote & by 12-2 margin, league members opted on not having a fall football season; Neb and Iowa voted to play

    Not surprised. I wouldn’t even play in the Spring unless it’s a severely shortened season. I don’t want to screw up Fall 21 and burn kids out. Just move on to Fall 2021 IMO. If the virus is still here, we better have figured out how to live with it by then. NFL ratings are gonna be insane if...
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    Mac cancels fb season

    I'd like to think I could muster up a chuckle between stages of sobbing if the big ten canceled football less than a week after releasing the schedule.
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    Each Day Closer Is A Good Sign

    Apparently there was a big ten meeting today from what I've gathered on Twitter. Info from "sources" indicates they are seriously considering postponing the season.
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    Penn State Football - Will NOT refund seat contributions for 2020 if fans ask for a refund...

    They took your donation to their department, and in turn allowed you to purchase season tickets. The donation is done deal. They’re refunding the season tickets. Sleezy? Yes. Illegal? Probably not.
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    Penn State Football - Will NOT refund seat contributions for 2020 if fans ask for a refund...

    You don’t need the /s for your first two sentences because you’re exactly right. You’re making a donation to the athletic department for the privilege of buying season tickets. You can bet Vikings season ticket holders aren’t getting a refund on their seat license, and those aren’t even tax...
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    Big Ten & Big East considering bubble as an option

    Agreed. It’s one thing to do it for 2-4 weeks. It’s another thing to do it for half a semester.
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    Penn State Football - Will NOT refund seat contributions for 2020 if fans ask for a refund...

    Must be nice to have the luxury of a STH waitlist. You get to make these choices when there is a line of people waiting to buy tickets. The angry fans don't have a leg to stand on here legally. They're forced donations. Not tickets. If you're angry enough then cancel your tickets and let the...
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