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    B1G Conference Games: 2019-20

    I agree. I contacted fan relations about it last week, and they told me the earliest the game time will be announced is February 11th. So, hopefully we will find out tomorrow...
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    Brunson & Scalia

    Has anything been said about Brunson and Scalia's injuries?
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    B1G Game 8: Gophers Host Wisconsin (1-22-20)

    I couldn't agree more. It was difficult watching what seemed to be a general lack of effort and passion from Taiye. For most of the game, she definitely looked disengaged and apathetic. Sad to see this - it seems that the recent events are taking a toll.
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    Destiny PItts: Transfers to Texas A&M (All Things Suspension and Transfer Related)

    It's pretty incredible to see so many of her teammates on Twitter now with messages of nothing but love, support, and gratitude for Destiny. I hope Whalen and staff issue some type of statement addressing this. I know they said Destiny's conduct was detrimental to the team, but given the other...
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    Destiny PItts: Transfers to Texas A&M (All Things Suspension and Transfer Related)

    The whole press conference was interesting. Lindsay seemed pretty hesitant when answering a lot of the questions. I was surprised when she claimed the Bellos being out was unrelated to Destiny. It seems clear that is not truthful. I can appreciate respecting the privacy of student athletes, but...
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    B1G Game 4: Gophers Host Northwestern (1-9-20)

    Pretty unbelievable that Pitts was benched for the last 7:36 of the game. Even though she wasn't at her best, I just don't understand not having your best shooter on the court in a tight game. There were several times where Pitts was, in fact, open on the perimeter and players appeared to not...
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    Gopher Volleyball 2019

    Love this! I have some mutual friends with CC and saw these, which I thought were pretty good, too.
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    ISO Iowa Volleyball Tickets

    Looking for 2 tickets to the Iowa volleyball match on Saturday (11/23). Thanks!
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