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    Video: Kaler reacts to boycott ending, says coaches were in tough spot

    Here's how it all went down. Kahler and Coyle sat down with Alumnus $$ bags. A$$: You guys know we have a big problem, right? KC: Mr A$$, you mean the cost of season tickets, fundraising for the new facilities, the price of 3.2 beer at TCF, and all this snow? A$$: Yeah, all those things...
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    Kahler and Coyle

    You mean these guys:
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    Ten Gophers football players indefinately suspended

    If true, I doubt it was over a bad grade or two. If related to academics, it probably means someone has been cheating which would be bad and unfortunate given recent APR success. If something else, well that's probably something really bad. Let's hope it turns out to be some harmless...
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    We find out a lot about Coyle this upcoming week.

    You act like we haven't won a conference title for like 50-years or haven't won a meaningful bowl game in years. If only we had better fans, we'd be unstoppable!
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    Bowl game location

    You tell him!
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    Bowl game location

    Tell me it isn't so.
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    Off the bandwagon

    How's your ride these days?
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    It'll be okay.
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    Will Tracy Claeys be fired before 2017?

    Not sure if you meant the Rose Bowl or Red Owl but either way it has been awhile since we have been to either.
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    Bowling in California or Florida - I like it.

    Detroit would be even closer ;-). I'm hoping for the best bowl and San Diego would be the nicer of the two plus it is rich in German heritage which plays to our fan base.
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    Wow - NDSU trolls Michigan about winning at Iowa

    NDSU beats Michigan 9 out of 10 times, at least.
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