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    What's the worst thing for you about not being able to attend home games in person??

    I miss storming the court. I didn't do a great job of shoveling yesterday, so when I stormed my driveway court after todays game it was a bit slick in spots. and Drew's popcorn
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    what bailed us out more? our free throw defense or Marcus hitting shots?
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    Kelly Pfeifer reffing- the anticipation fouls are everywhere
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    The Gopher Report @MinnesotaRivals · 14m 2022 5-star guard Skyy Clark gets an offer from his "hometown school" Minnesota @CoachDavidSisk talks with Clark's father, Kenny, about his son's recruiting process and roots in Minneapolis:
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    Damian Johnson to Benilde-St. Margaret

    from DJ's side, the risk may have been taking a Gophers job if it was offered. He probably knows as much about how hot Pitino's seat is as anyone on this board. Taking a probable one year job is a risk. As for recruiting to the private schools-- they recruit all students, not just the athletes...
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    All Things Treyton Thompson Recruiting Thread (Class of 2021) UPDATE 6/15: MN Offers

    not quite a "can confirm" but in the 3-4 CDH games I saw, it seemed like Conroy is the main Holloman recruiter. Pitino was at the CDH/De Lasalle game also, but that might have been to show the same firepower as Iowa because McCaffery was there also. Pitino, Gabe and Daniel were all sitting together
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    Name a Gopher you thought would be really good, but wasnt

    My all-timer has got to be Devron Bostick- he came in as JUCO player of the year- killed it that summer in the Pulley Pro-Am at the Sal and then could never get out of Tubby's doghouse. I liked the mention of it being Tubby- but I read too many articles from the Kentucky people before he got...
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    Name a Gopher you thought would be really good, but wasnt

    held the Gophers assist in a season record until this year. If more of the guys mentioned above had careers like Ariel's we wouldn't need this thread. he spoke to the Golden Dunkers this year- impressive man
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    Gopher basketball complaints that aren’t about the team

    Drew's Popcorn is available- and it is spectacular
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    I still support Pitino.

    I could be convinced either way on keeping Pitino. If --IF- Daniel stays I feel he definitely deserves another year. and just an observation (and maybe one of the reasons he struggles recruiting Minnesota)-- at the Cretin vs Eastridge game last night-- Greg Gard was there, Fred Hoiberg was...
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    AAU costs (a random question/looking for help)

    start your own team. If you play local metro tournaments they run about $275 apiece, get cheap reversible jerseys ($35 each), do the coaching yourself ($0 )- find a cheap practice gym ($300 for the season) - play 6 tourneys- get 10 kids -- that is pretty reasonable per person. it is do-able.
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    I've Seen Enough

    "Minnesota: “They have two of the five best players in our league, but they have very little depth. " that line is from a Seth Davis article in The Athletic-- he gives coaches (head & assistant) anonymity and gets comments on teams/players around the country. The line gets me conflicted-- on...
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    Northern Iowa criticized after denying fan $10,000 prize in shooting promotion (video)

    could use a skill like that twice a game. They say the NBA is full of specialists, this kid could bring that to the college level.
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    new rule this year that the 10 second count does not start over on a deflection out of bounds. So the Gophers had under 3 seconds to get it across. It does start over after a timeout- Pitino said in post-game that Marcus mentioned in the huddle to get in inbounds and call a timeout immediately...
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