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    Voting on polls through Tapatalk

    This can’t be done, you have to go to the web browser to vote. Once I do that though it’s asking me to login again. Is that normal? Will there ever be a way to be able to vote through Tapatalk? When I had forum runner it let me vote through it no problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ski U Mah sign on College Gameday

    Ski U Mah In Auburn? Anyone else see the sign on Gameday in Auburn? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Iowa Coach mentions inappropriate conduct in press box

    In his post game presser Kirk mentioned something one of his coordinators did that was “inappropriate”. Has this been discussed somewhere else? Curious if anyone has heard or read anything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    profile picture keeps vanishing

    I use Forum Runner on a Note 4. I will upload a profile picture and it shows as if it works. The next day when I check it's no longer there. Any ideas why this is happening?
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    Coyle gets my props!

    Completely understand. Just make sure to use the right soap
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    Any potential position coach changes?

    Have seen some talk about it in other threads, and have heard some of the media folks mention it briefly. What's the GH consesus? Assuming new hires are safe, is there anyone that might be on the hotseat?
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    Thoughts on Offense

    Curious of people's opinions after game 1. The false starts and miscommunication was a bummer, but not completely abnormal as this is a new system in year 1 in game 1. That stuff will be cleaned up. They told us we will look similar to last year and to me, they did. I was hoping though that...
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    Is my cell phone always listening?

    So this just happened a few minutes ago. Channel surfing and the movie Matilda popped up. Saw the actress who plays her and was curious what had happened to her, but I couldn't remember her name. So in Google I type in "actress who played" and before I was able to type the first letter of...
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    Mossack Fonseca

    Apparently there are some very high profile names who have been dealing with these guys. Haven't heard many Americans yet, but it could be coming.
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    Direction of the Offense

    Hearing Claeys on BTN yesterday gave me the impression that the changes in our O will be less subtle than I originally thought. I'm thinking more QB runs as an example. If that's the case, how does everyone feel about Mitch's skillset to run an O like that? Mitch can run, but he's not a...
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    Six Airmen killed in suicide bomb

    Hadn't seen this posted yet. Has bios on the Airman killed by a suicide motorcycle bomber outside Bagram AB.
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    Does Claeys and Co. get offered somewhere else?

    So I was thinking, everybody mentions we can give Claeys a smallish contract with little buyout for a year or two and see what happens. I wonder if their are not some struggling FBS schools out there willing to take a chance on Claeys, especially/mostly if he were able to bring everyone with...
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