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    Schedule set for 2024 and 2025

    We'll see plenty of Clemson, Bama, Oklahoma, Oregon, LSU, et al in the CFP and NYD6 need to wear oneself out in the first 3 weeks of the season :-)
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    Matt Miller on Tyler Johnson: Rd 6-7; He’s not fast. He’s not big. He’s not getting good character reports

    That tweet gets more ridiculous every time I read it. What does he do well? Hmmm. Incredible route runner who always seems to be open. Even when he's not open, he exhibits unbelievable body control in the air and along the sideline. Fights through contact and routinely makes catches while...
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    Rtb mmgf

    Sorry for your loss, and I salute you for sharing here. I pray you're surrounded by family and friend and that you'll find God's peace on the other side of this. Keep rowing...that's what it's all about. You're needed here on Earth and can do a lot of good.
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    The most remarkable thing about the Gophers #10 finish in the polls

    Can't measure their "how" Just kept gRowing Team mahtured as the season went on
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    Odds to win 2020 CFP (Minnesota: 100/1)

    His odds were stated as MUCH lower in a thread last week...something like 100/1, I believe. I stated how that was a fantastic bet given how many weird things happen in a CFB season like injuries, upsets, etc. But man,'s hard to imagine how far this program has come.
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    Minnesota ranked #10 in final AP Poll

    I hate to admit it, but I got just a tiny bit emotional reading your post. That's a veritable "who's who" of CFB...and Minnesota is right there. It's just incredible. We've all been waiting for this for so long! SUM, RTB, GG!
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    Can this become a Gopher football town instead of Vikings?

    Never. There's way too much money behind the Vikings and the NFL brand in general. Add in the fact that many Minnesotans have no particular affinity to the U (many attended college elsewhere or not at all), but DID grow up rooting for the Vikings, and I just don't see it happening. I firmly...
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    2021 Draft Projections

    Agree, especially on Faalele who's likely been on NFL radars since HS. I'm sure they're salivating... Coney Durr and St. Juste are also possibilities next year. DB's are always in high demand, and both played at a high level this year and are intriguing in their own ways. Our boy Zimmer...
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    PFF’s top 25 returning WRs - Bateman #3

    AJ Barker's mom's best friend had a hunch...
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    PFF loves John Michael Schmitz

    He's a stud. I watched back the Auburn game last night and saw him reach a 3-technique on one of Mo's big stretch/outside zone runs in the 4th quarter. That's unbelievably hard to do -- especially from the center position.
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    PFF: Morgan had the highest adjusted completion percentage in the nation on throws over 20 yards

    That's absolutely worth a $10 bet if you happen to be in Vegas anytime soon, folks. You've gotta think Fields or Lawrence is a lock, but injuries, fluke never know what happens with them. Morgan takes care of business and improves a little...MN wins the West or even the B1G. I'd...
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    Rhule accepts Carolina Job

    Whoa, good point. 4 year rebuild at a G5 school followed by a 3 year build to an 11-win season at a P5. He even had a 1 year stint as an NFL assistant if I'm not mistaken.
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    Great Job Gopher Fans

    Seriously? I had no idea. Frankly, I find that a little embarrassing at a school the size of MN. What if the school of music suddenly stopped funding it? I have to imagine there would be some negotiation with athletics, as you simply can't drop athletic bands at a huge B1G school. Agreed...
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