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    Two young teams trying to figure out how to win under pressure. I expect this to be a nail biter.
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    Creating and sustaining energy at the Barn

    The Kohl Center is a Communist cement Bunker. I hate that venue.
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    Creating and sustaining energy at the Barn

    What does it look like at Hinkle over at Butler University? Williams and Hinkle seem to be a good comparison. I think improving the amenities at Williams would be great for fans and improving the locker rooms would be great for players. But, having a new stadium is not a sure fire solution as we...
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    I've Seen Enough

    As a coach, I think you also need to know the type of personality that you can relate to. In this I mean that if you are an extremely demanding coach that uses aggressive behavior to push your point, you probably shouldn't recruit a kid that will end up being paralyzed by analysis when you...
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    Pitino promoted this as a better shooting team, but they rank 245th nationally in three-point accuracy

    Right. We are getting open looks this year. The ball movement is much better this year. What is not happening is those open looks aren't falling. Looking at the roster and who is getting playing time, the Gophers have to be one of the youngest teams in the B1G. Carr, Kalsheur and Oturu are...
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Looks like he's currently a Katie! :cool:
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    Pitino promoted this as a better shooting team, but they rank 245th nationally in three-point accuracy

    Paralysis by analysis. He's over thinking on the offensive end. But, d@mn the kid plays tough defense.
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    Best part about today's game was Tim Miles doing the color commentary for FS1. I think he's found his niche. Even while losing I was laughing at his comments. However, that 11-0 failure at the end of the game was like watching the MN Wild give up 2 goals to NYR and lose. The Wild fired their...
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    I don't know what to think about this team

    Gophers remind me of the MN Wild. A couple good players to keep them competitive and on the bubble of playoff contention, but not enough to make them an elite team. Today we saw that team out on the court.
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    STrib: Gophers big man Eric Curry is recovering well and still making an impact

    I still remember the game he had against Michigan at the Barn his freshman season. He was a big reason for us winning in overtime. Clutch
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    Predictions for last 7 games...

    Hoping for 5-2. Thinking 4-3 or even 3-4. With the poor outside shooting I wouldn't be surprised to see us lose the away games. If we lose to Iowa at home then I think it's 3-4. For all you who think 6-1, I hope you are right. I would love nothing better than to be wrong about the outcomes of...
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    Better shooting in the 2nd half. Tough environment in which to win. Need more help from the bench. Hard to see us being selected for the dance.
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    Awful shooting in the 1st half. You can't miss that many open shots and expect to lead. This tendency is concerning. I thought we would be a better shooting team this year.
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    SI Sources: Bob Knight Will Be In Assembly Hall Saturday vs. Purdue

    I'm sure your opinion was held by all the fans at the game and those watching on TV. Bobby must be hurt deeply by your opinion. /s
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    Nice win for Michigan over State. Maryland looks like the creme of the crop after beating Illinois last night at Illinois.
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