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    ’18 Athletic Department Study Showed Serious Racial Bias in Iowa Football

    With everything else going on in the sporting world, and the world in general, Iowa might try to just let this slide and keep Kirk. He’s had success there and they don’t want to give him up unless they have to, and I think this story is flying under a smokescreen of the rest of world right now...
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    Scott Dochterman breaks down why colleges MUST play football this year

    If you read their site, Johns Hopkins states that their statistics are affected by the amount of testing that is done. The CDC recently estimated that actual mortality rate is 1/10 of what is being reported due to people not being tested because they’re asymptomatic or there was a shortage of...
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    Scott Dochterman breaks down why colleges MUST play football this year

    You’re about to get shredded for this...and you should. It’s just bad information that you’re spreading.
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    COVID-19 Ticket Policy

    Are you sure “full” includes the donation? I’d be a little surprised if it does. I’d think the “renewal” is different than the donation, but I could be wrong. If you’re worried about it, give the ticket office a call.
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    Disagree. If CFB can have a season, at any time, they will. There’s way too much money on the line for every part involved, and many will need it to stay solvent.
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    CBS Preseason Top 25: No. 16 Minnesota

    IMHO, the tough start was the offense getting their footing, most specifically the OL. Fortunately, that shouldn’t be a problem this year.
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    Turned away with parking pass?

    I often arrive early to lot 37 and most times there is someone from the parking crew that verifies the number of spaces = number of passes. They're also pretty strict about tents not going over the lines that designate each space. Anything that's easily moved is fair game to put outside of the...
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