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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    All sides, The U, UNC, and AZ are indicating that it's UNC, both inside and outside of paywalls. Dad won. Mom lost.
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Mom lost the battle, he's UNC bound.
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    Gabe's 3 percentage increases by how much with Kerwin on the floor,?

    Don’t forget adding Mashburn Jr.’s 3 pt shooting! Far more likely to help the team than Kerwin.
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    Walton commits to

    Highly doubt he is going to be a Gopher.
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Sounds like other teams are trying to get involved last second. Obviously that is not good for us. I’m personally moving in, hopefully Pitino does too if he has a solid grad transfer like Kier. He’s put everything into this recruitment for years and could lose it to another team literally...
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    UNC mod on 247 says Kerwin committed shortly before setting his announcement date. So this one may already be over. We probably shouldn't get our hopes up at this point.
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    Gophers remain at #14 in AP Poll (11/20)
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    USC Upstate Tix

    Looks like the ticket exchange forum isn't getting much traffic. If anyone has 4 tix they are looking to sell, PM me. Driving up from Madison Fri morning. Pretty flexible to meet you wherever you may be. Thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Looking for 4 USC Upstate Tix

    Driving up from Madison. PM me if you have tix to sell. Thanks! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    STrib: Gophers basketball game at U.S. Bank Stadium now expected for December 2018

    If Wisconsin is scheduled to play at US Bank Stadium at some point in the future, they can use it as an extra perk when they come into Minnesota to recruit. "Hey, you'll still get to play in front of your family at US Bank Stadium if you come to Wisconsin." Maybe it's not so much of an extra...
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    All Things Clifton Moore (2017 PF) Thread

    We'll see how long this thread lasts! <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> IU signee that asked for his release after Crean was fired.
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    2016-2017 Transfer List

    The McIntosh thread started to turn into a transfer thread so we should probably have a separate thread for all of the transfer news. I'm sure Jeff Goodman will be updating the list below in the next few days. Duane Wilson, Elijah Brown, and possibly Mikyle McIntosh are the most interesting...
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    Isaiah Washington Named Mr. Basketball New York

    Thought it deserved it's on thread. Huge honor! :clap:
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    Could we try 'Press Virginia' next season?

    I wonder if we could have the personnel to try a full court press next season, like West Virginia uses. We should have a number of quick/athletic guards and wings on the roster and other than Lynch and Bakary, our front court is fairly quick and athletic too. Maybe go with a starting lineup...
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