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    Transfer list possibilities, Spring 2020

    If someone puts their name in the portal, is their current school required to keep them on scholarship, or can the school use that slot to recruit someone else?
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    ESPN: Ranking college football's top 10 returning OL for 2020

    Love that play at 1:40 left in the game, where we just pile drive them backwards. Great cap to a great game.
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    All Things Coronavirus Humor

    They keep 'em coming....
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    All Things Coronavirus Humor

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    All Things Coronavirus Humor

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    All Things Movie/Documentary Reviews/Recommendations Thread

    Going way back in time, "Dial M for Murder" was really good, surprised me. Guess I should watch more Hitchcock movies...
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    Trump campaign threatens legal action over TV political ad

    If I say "MplsGopher is a great pile of sh**, an idiot and a constant source of false and useless facts and knowledge" (I don't believe that by the way, just making an example) someone could edit that quote, just using the bolded words to form the quote, "MplsGopher is great, a constant source...
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    Trump campaign threatens legal action over TV political ad

    You'd really have to be living in a tight echo chamber to believe the advert. Even the Washington Post, which hates Trump, blew it out of the water. "The Washington Post's fact-checker column awarded four Pinocchios to former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday for a campaign ad that creates "a...
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    Great Depression Worries

    False. They're reporting unemployment claims each week, just like every state reports them every week.
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    Lonenoa Faoa commits to incoming Class of 2020

    The other teams standing in watching that is like...
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    Anyone worried?

    KAT says "Yes, be worried". Sad news for him and his family.
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    Interesting email from ticket office

    Is that a B1G call, or an NCAA rule? Thought it was the later.
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    Anyone worried?

    What does that mean, like a Zoom meeting setup where as a jury member you're at home watching a livestream?
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    Anyone worried?

    Any one know what's happening with folks called in for jury duty? Are they holding juried court room sessions these days? My wife is supposed to head to Jury duty the first week of April.
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    Trump Wants $850 Billion in Stimulus with an Airlines Bailout

    What I posted is completely accurate and directly relevant to the false claim Howeda7 made (one of legions of false claims that he makes). The column I used ranks members by -- "How often a member votes in line with Trump's position". Howeda7 claimed, Every time Trump does or says something...
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