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    Rasir Bolton: Why I chose to leave Penn State. (A Noose Around My Neck)

    As an African-American, I don't need any white person to tell me what I should consider offensive or not, especially if you haven't walked in my shoes. If I talked a Jewish person and make a joke about the gas chamber and they said they were offended, what gives me the right to tell them they...
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    Pitino coming back

    Coyle should've fired Pitino last season when the coaching carousel was more robust. There were a lot of good coaches out there ready to be hired, like Hoiberg, Musselman, etc.
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    Pitino coming back

    Pitino is surely granted a lot of privilege and I think it's due to his last name. I've never seen a coach that hasn't done squat for so long get so many chances to make things right w/out losing his job as Richard Pitino. His leash is as long as the Mississippi River. I've never seen...
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    Pat Chambers

    PSU is a football school. It's like Alabama and LSU. They will let BB coaches wallow away for a decade before doing anything. Fans just don't care about basketball. Minnesota is not analogous to PSU.
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    Sid: Tubby is 9-20, Monson is 10-18, Molinari is an assistant at Oklahoma State

    Yeah, and there was no practice facility either that was promised. I think all in all, he did OK as the B1G was considerably tougher than it has been since he left. Tubby had to face Bo Ryan, Matta, and Izzo's toughest teams.
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    As Gophers Struggle, Push To Tear Down Williams Arena Begins (Gaard and Shelman chime in, and agree)

    I think it's time to change. There's loads of great new arenas that would be perfect like Auburn and Houston. They can make it unique so it's not a cookie cutter arena. But The Barn has had its run.
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    Dutcher > Haskins > Monson > Smith > Pitino

    No one player should control whether an AD fires a coach or not, especially Oturu. Now if we're talking about a Zion/LeBron type talent, then maybe. The AD's concern should be about the long term health of the program.
  8. K has Oturu going 8th in the 2020 draft updated today

    If Oturu is even top 20, why come back? The draft will be much stronger next year and then there's always a chance of an injury. And our team isn't exactly setting the world on's not like we're a championship team next year.
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    Odds that Oturu will be a Junior next year

    This. He gone folks. He'll have a better draft this year than next year. Plus, he's ready. Sure everyone could use more development, but he can get that development while drawing a paycheck too.
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    Rate the last 3 awful coaches

    Tubby was the best for sure. Royce White screwed up Tubby's master plan. Not to mention Al Nolen's injury. Besides that, we need to remember that the Big Ten was arguably the toughest conference from top to bottom during most of Tubby's tenure. There was a point when we had the top point...
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    Monson fired...Tubby fired...

    Who is next? There seems to be a trend at the U. Maybe it's not the coaches? Maybe it's the program and the lack of resources? Monson seems to be doing well at LBSU. Tubby certainly did well before Minnesota and I'm sure he'll do fine somewhere else. It's all fine and dandy to keep firing...
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    Trent Lockett

    I'm sorry to start a separate thread, but I don't think I saw this question posed about Trent. Is it possible that he can accept some of in-state financial assistance instead of an athletic scholarship? I know while Tubby was at UK, a couple of Kentucky kids were able to get a ride on...
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    I'm very proud of this team!

    I thought I'd take the time and post a positive thread about our guys. They played hard, they hustled, they fought for loose balls, rebounds, and everything in between. The coaching staff definitely had the team prepared. It hurts to lose this game, but in the big scheme of things, if this...
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    Dan Dakich putting the U on the blast for bb facilities

    Dan Dakich putting the U on blast for bb facilities He went on an extended rant about how crappy the facilities are at the U compared with the conference brethren. He basically went down list of all the schools and put the administration on blast for not doing enough for the basketball...
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    DeCourcey SN Article: "Tubby still can coach"

    "Tubby still can coach. Not sure if you doubted that or not, but Minnesota’s didn’t start out winless in the Big Ten because Tubby Smith had lost his touch. Smith dusted off a flex offense, which the Gophers rarely had used before but against Indiana looked like the Lakers running Tex Winter's...
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