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    SI's All-Decade Team. Which Gopher Made it?

    Congrats to Greg Eslinger
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    Shoes for the new stadium

    So both Nike and Adidas have this thing where you can make custom shoes for not much more than normal cost. I want to get a pair for the new stadium. I want to know what you guys think about the colors. Do you think they match our colors. Also, if anyone wants to get a pair I will not be...
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    How far are you traveling?

    I just wanted to see how far other Gopherholers are traveling to get to the first game. I decided to take three months off as a teacher in Korea to "see the family" and see the Gophers while I was home. Although the real reason I am coming back from Seoul is to sit in my season seats in TCF...
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    doll vs. writer

    Go to have your own space. Talk amongst yourselves.
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    The game that changed it honor of Go Gophers Rah

    I read Go Gophers Rah post and thought that it would be a great idea to post everyone's game that made them a Gopher fan. For me, I grew up on the wrong side of the Mississippi. I had only known good memories of the Wisky persuasion. I came to Minnesota because I was an architecture major...
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    Interesting Article on Scheduling We seem are definitely out of the tier of the SEC schools that sell out regardless of who they play. There are many big schools in the Big Ten who can say the same. (My bro who goes to wisky says that the...
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    Even the Koreans Love the Gophers

    Had my kids do this in one of my classes over here in Korea. Spreading the love across the world. They even say Minnesota like they're from the Northwoods.
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