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    2021-2022 Roster

    Robbins is a Jr. Gach is a Jr. We need Sr.s to fill out the roster after Fox and/or R. Thompson commit.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    How do you know?
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    They won their first NCAA round.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    The winner of the Moutain West Conference Tournament should be our next coach.
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    10 most interesting options to replace Richard Pitino

    So, realistically it appears to be between Gates, Medved and Smith ( listed alphabetically). Smith is the best on x’s and o’s, but can he recruit well enough for the Big Ten? Gates is the best recruiter, but can he coach the X’s and O’s? Medved is somewhere between them. I think Smith is the...
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    You're the new coach. Assuming everyone "wants to come back. Who do you keep and who do you have the transfer portal talk with?

    I agree with is but don’t want Mashburn back...plays poor defense, not great at PG, and at 6’1” he has trouble driving to the basket and shooting over taller guards. We need a play-making PG who plays great defense.
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    How Many Gophers Transfer? If Pitino is in fact fired like is being reported?

    A new coach will want players that fit his style of play. Craig Smith will want kids who can play defense. Besides Kalschuer and Robbins who else can defend well?
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I like Dennis Gates from Cleveland State. A winner, coach of the year, a recruiter, black, wants his teams to “play defense and share the ball on offense.” Check him out.
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    10 most interesting options to replace Richard Pitino

    I think Gates is the best candidate of all. He hits all the right buttons with me: 2 time coach if the year, top of the conference record, likes defense and sharing the ball on offense, preaches values and education (sound familiar), great recruiter who already has a 2022/23 kid committed, and...
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    Defense and Effort

    This year's Gopher Basketball Team is a joy to watch. They won't win every game, but I am impressed with the consistent effort, particularly on defense. Young players should watch the Gopher players...hustling on defense to get into the right position, playing unselfishly on offense, and turning...
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    Time for Line-up Change?

    Is it time for Richard to change the Gophers starting line-up? We need more defense and rebounding. Should Murphy replace Buggs at the three?
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    What went wrong this season?

    ​What was the foremost reason for the poor season this year? MacNeil's departure? Austin Hollins absence? Poor senior leadership? Pitino's lack of experience?
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    TV Tonight

    Is the Gopher game tonight on TV? Which channel? Thanks
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    Wednesday's Starting Line-up?

    With Mbakwe out, who replaces him in the starting line-up? Oto, Julian, or Elliot? I would have Julian play point and move Rodney to the 4 and Andre to the 2. I also would change the offense to have one in and 4 out like Michigan.

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