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    What grade would you give PJ Fleck, 3 years into his tenure at the U?

    I would have to give it an A. I mean the Gophers just had their best season in decades. Felt like every week they were accomplishing something that hadn't been done since 1904. Most importantly he is changing the narrative about this program and the expectations have been raised.
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    Awesome win! Hopefully can carry this into Wednesday and beat Penn State
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    Suggs craps on Pitino in strib article

    Suggs sounds like an ass tbh. I mean he is just in HS so we forget these kids have a lot of growing up to do but this is a very entitled comment to make. To become a consistent contender we know Pitino needs to lockdown the elite local talent but he hasn't been that far off. Amir and Oturu were...
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    Who's Going To Tampa?

    I live in Tampa so I will definitely be there. Waiting to see how ticket prices play out. If you're paying $80 you are better off buying them through the school so they get the credit as opposed to just paying out to a 3rd party
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    Tampa area information

    I live in Tampa. As far as renting a car it depends on what your plans are. If you plan to stay in Tampa the whole time Uber is fine. I have found that the vast majority of the time Lyft is cheaper than Uber here. If you want to go to the beach a ride can get pretty expensive but you wouldn't...
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    College Football Head Coach Salary Rankings Pretty interesting list Coaches of note: 1. Dabo $9.3m 2. Saban $8.8 3. Harbaugh $7.5m 8. Jeff Brohm $6.6m 11. Franklin $5.65m 12. Fitzgerald $5.1m 14. Frost $5m 18. Ferentz $4.8m 22. Ryan Day $4.5m 24. Dantonio $4.4m 25. Chryst $4.1m 29. Lovie...
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    Tampa Bay

    Any of you live in the Tampa area? Looking to find some people to watch Minnesota games with
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    "Why a four-star wide receiver from Florida says he's headed to Minnesota" Neat read. I hope opening up the passing game contributes to the addition of more skill players offensively. Most of the top tier NFL teams and recent champions days play in...
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