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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    please take vacations, fly around the country, send your kids to school, go to restaurants that are packed but don't lie about its severity and impacts, withhold school funding that are based on my taxes because I don't follow your political beliefs and choose not to take risks. There has been a...
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    NCAA Ruling Allows D-III St. Thomas to Make Unprecedented Leap to D-I

    I don't see any on campus arena's being built for any sport at St Thomas that would support D1 events.
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    Trump Admin Moves to Corrupt Coronavirus Data

    Why would anyone think the CDC data is corrupt in the first place, not sure I understand the reasoning behind this.
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    Gary Parrish: Second-semester, conference-only basketball schedules are becoming a real possibility

    Not sure I agree, non revenue sports are going to be squeezed big time, some are probably not going to exist long term.
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    ESPN: Zion Williamson's stepfather took $400K payment, court filing alleges

    Getting more creative to hide the cheating, so the agent got conned, how does that explain the fancy house Williamsons family was living in.
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    Do you think think the Gophers will play games in 2020?

    I am guessing it is fairly current, counts go down on the weekends because of reporting delays, it doesn't seem like the reporting delays occur in weeks or months though.
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    STrib: Gophers men's basketball team slowly assembles

    That is the problem, taking risks without knowing the consequences!!!!
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    All Things Will Tschetter Recruitment Thread

    I think he was more like four months late, he should have seen him enough by then to decide one way or the other, waiting until others offer is almost a sign of inability to evaluate at best but in mind is a sign of not really having a coherent recruiting strategy
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    STrib: Gophers men's basketball team slowly assembles

    Are Carr and Mutaf going to be able to get in the country, will they have to quarantine for 14 days.
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    Makur Maker to Howard

    Interesting, the original prospect was Mike Williams who said he was interested in the HBCU schools and wanted to seriously be recruited by them, if it gains momentum it could change college basketball.
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    Will "Back Against the Wall" Pitino, pull a Rabbit out of his hat?

    Doesn't it also depend on scoring balance, last year so much of the scoring came from Carr and Oturu, that if you take either out for extended time scoring would stop. I think that had as much or more to do with substitution patterns than capability of someone to get minutes at PG.
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    What grade would you give the Gophers 2020 basketball recruiting class?

    If both are eligible a B+, only one a B, neither a C.
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    Joe Nelson: All of a sudden, Gophers' 2020 starting 5 could be really good

    He's quick enough to guard the wing but with his length he can be an added rim protector, as he gets more experience he is going to make it tougher on apposing teams offensive sets, it was starting to show at the end of last year. It takes time to develop an inside game offensively, I hope that...
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    I haven't seen either but college recruiting still takes into consideration potential, Treyton is taller and probably a bit more at athletic, in P5 basketball that can be a major difference. With Both in the fold and if he stays two years I don't see why you don't make a big push for Tschetter...
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    Transfer list possibilities, Spring 2020

    He's not going to be a PG in the NBA any more than Coffey is going to be one,
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