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    Northwestern, Nebraska Will Play in Ireland to Open 2022 Season

    The audience for American Football here in the UK has grown significantly since the 1970's SON. It started in about 1982 when Channel 4 (a minor free to view channel) showed a weekly NFL highlight show that was basically a week delayed. It proved more popular than I think people expected. I...
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    What's Your Bowl Record?

    1-1 Texas Bowl v Syracuse Outback Bowl v Auburn
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    Antoine Winfield Jr. fined by the NFL for mocking Tyreek Hill's peace sign in Super Bowl LV

    AWJ is my favourite player in the NFL. I’ve watched every Buccs game from start to finish this year out of interest to see how he is getting on. I did initially think what he did was out of character but perhaps the pure drive for revenge just demonstrates the competitive necessity to be a...
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    Gophers in the NFL

    Wow. So excited to see so many former Gophers make the Championship games. Watching the Buccs so much fun. AWJ and TJ made huge plays. Like to think it was their performances in the Outback Bowl/the chance to scout in person that solidified their positions on the Buccs draft board. Rise Up and...
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    Gophers in the NFL

    Really enjoying watching all the former Gophers in the NFL. Most enjoyable professional season I think I ever watched for the reason that multiple games every weekend have some level of interest to me. Do any of the long time fans know what our record is for the highest number of former...
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    NFL team wants to interview Fleck for head coaching job

    My personal opinion is that PJ Fleck has outstanding generic leadership qualities in regards to bringing out the best in those under him - both in terms of character and performance. I wouldn’t be surprised at any organisation of any type being interested in hiring him. Although they were not...
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    Places you’ve seen (college) games and places you’d like to see games

    Loved every game I’ve been to and privileged to have met such fantastic fellow Gopher fans. Hope to make a Bowl game this time next year.
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    Season thoughts

    Thought the OP spot on with the analysis. Only thing I would add is that I have faith PJ is 100% our guy moving forwards. We will always have our ups and downs in a tough conference but we are at the very least competitive most of the time.
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    Places you’ve seen (college) games and places you’d like to see games

    I’ve only even seen live games in which the Gophers have played (College Football) TCF x2 Las Vegas (UNLV) Houston (Texas Bowl v Syracuse) Tampa (Outback Bowl v Auburn) I would love to get back to Minnesota once every 2 or 3 years and, if/when I retire, I’d love to follow the Gophers on a full...
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    Nice win today

    Agree. Changes in personnel, disrupted build up. Even if it wasn’t pretty it was a good job all around. Massive plaudits to Mo for taking the slide late on - how many other players would have surrendered a touchdown in that situation when they are chasing a place in the NFL? Hope NFL scouts saw...
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    Gophers in the NFL

    Just watched the full Giants v Seahawks Game. Carter Coughlin was immense. Fulfilled the role of ‘spying’ Russel Wilson throughout most of the second half and was all over him. Great performance.
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    Postgame PJ vs Iowa

    Only my personal opinion (not trying to sway anyone else) but i recognise that by posting I’m inviting others to pick holes in my argument. I feel it is difficult to make a judgment on the long term state of the program this year. The lack of pre-season practice time has hit a number of...
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    Gophers in the NFL

    100% - cheered me up immensely to see those three all playing well and catching up after the game. GoGophers RTB Ski-U-Mah
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    You be the judge on Winfield's two point conversion break up

    The Giants have always been my favourite professional team ... but Winfield is my favourite player in the NFL. I think the PI call was 50 50 but the real head- scratcher for me was the helmet to helmet call against the giants earlier when Brate clearly initiated the contact. That one was shady...
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    Game far from over - Stay alert for the funny on the kick off!

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