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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Its so amazing. This virus broke out in China, but their response is just amazing. ONLY 4,737 DEATHS vs the US count of 198,306 Or 0.00034% of the population vs the US of 0.28984%. These seem like real numbers. Thanks Johns Hopkins.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    It's not? Funny, NFL is at 100% false positives
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    I forgot about her. Yes, her too. Maybe you could ask me a question first before coming to a conclusion
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    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    I read a couple of GMs (cant find it now, of course) said they would pick players that have played recently over ones that sat out. With Bateman looking to go in the top half of the draft, the higher he is picked, the better the contract. So sitting out might hurt his stock a bit if he wants to...
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Free testing! Cases are dropping! Got to get them back up, even if up to 90% are false positives
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    Video: Get to know freshman Jamal Mashburn.

    So excited hes on the squad. Hopefully he is focused on his PG skills
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    The Athletic: The most intriguing men’s college basketball players for the 2020-21 season (#23. Both Gach, Minnesota)

    Has potential to be a very deep team. Might take some time to mesh, but there doesnt appear to be a wasted roster space
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    Free Assange. Free Snowden. Free Manning. These people are in trouble for holding the government accountable. Let them go.
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    So we dont know if Trump was involved or not. Nice article
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    2020 Presidential Election - Trump versus Biden

    Its a great point. I would be for every dollar we reduce student debt we take it away from military spending. Both parties stopped caring about the debt.
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