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    Practice Social Distancing - With the Governor's Victory Bell - MN vs Penn St Replay, Saturday 7PM

    Last couple of Saturday nights have been fun rewatching games!
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    Where is the game thread for today's 7pm game ....

    Let’s meet up on the 50 after the game!
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    Photos in your Gopher gear!

    Repping the Gophers at the College Football Hall of Fame a few weeks ago in Atlanta.
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    Liking what I’m seeing from Section 102! Beautiful so far!
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    Who's Going To Tampa?

    The Outback Bowl will have a booth at the parade tonight.
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    OUTBACK BOWL PARKING - Need quick ideas

    Just gonna wing it on parking. Get in late tomorrow night and since I’m getting a rental I have no clue on the plate. I plan to get down there early anyway.
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    Uniforms for Outback Bowl against Auburn?

    Gold white gold. Replace Goldy with player number on helmet.
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    Who's Going To Tampa?

    Excited to go! First bowl game since 99 Sun Bowl. Been to the area a few times before and had a great time. This will be awesome!
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    2020 Season ticket renewals?

    Dad and I will be renewing our two.
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    Poll: Bowl Game & Opponent Preference

    If the Gophers get matched up against Tennessee they can avenge that 1986 Liberty Bowl loss! I remember watching that game and the D just couldn’t stop them down the stretch. Jeff Francis was the QB for TN. Don’t know why I remember that though.
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