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    The best college towns in America, ranked by their local beer options (Iowa City, Des Moines and Fargo all listed)

    Minnesota has a really good selection. Some breweries I like in the Twin Cities are Bald Man Brewing - Their Honey Hush Kolsch is really good. Indeed Brewing - Also a fan of their Mexican Honey Lager Lake Monster - I've liked their Most Most Hazy IPA and Witbier Surly Brewing - Big fan of the...
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    Golden Domers

    The chrome gold helmets are solid, and looked great against Penn State. But I'm still more of a fan of the non-metallic gold shade. I think it just looks fantastic in contrast to the maroon. Look how nice it was here: Even though it looks more "yellow," I think the shade just looks right for...
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    Staples: All Fleck needs to do is win between 7=9 games most years and beat Wisconsin once every 3-4 years and he’s set for life.

    I think that opinion in the opening of this thread is off the mark, but is somewhat close to being right. 7-9 wins per year probably won't keep him around. But 8-10 or 11 wins like Kirk Ferentz has done, would probably keep him around. If he's able to do what Alvarez, Bielema and Chryst have...
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    Games you've been watching

    Yup, basically most bowl games are fortunately. I've just been using the YouTube app on my Roku.
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    Games you've been watching

    I figure we've all probably gone back and have been watching old games. My work-from-home set up is in the living room so I've just been throwing on old games on my tv in the background. Here's what I've had since this started: 2001 GMAC Bowl, Marshall vs ECU 2002 National Title, Miami U vs...
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    Most Overrated Teams Based on Preseason Rankings This Century

    I immediately think of the 2012 USC team that started No. 1 in the preseason poll.
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    Next Year

    The season unfortunately came to an abrupt end, but the Gophers had a shot there to make the tourney and really started surging at the end of the season. It gives me some real hope for next season. The start of the year was rough, real rough, but the team really grew this year, so ton of credit...
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    Mack Brown Recruiting

    I guess I meant like his work before and after the Vince Young season. Even without his national title, he was winning more than eight games per season regularly, finishing the season in the top 25. I don't see him getting back to the national stage, but he can make the team consistently...
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    RandBall: Dismal Mariucci crowds the sad new playoff normal for Gophers

    I think what's become clear is the Big Ten hockey conference was a start from scratch kind of thing, rather than an immediate super conference with fast results. It's going to take time to build up the match-ups with these Big Ten foes on the ice. I think over the next decade, the conference...
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    Looking at the Archives: A Farewell to the Dome

    The dome definitely had its charms. I think it was clear, though, that it was more of a place for the Vikings than the Gophers. However, there were some gems:
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    Mack Brown Recruiting

    I am interested to see how Mack Brown does in the long run at UNC. I know by the end of his run they wanted him out of Texas, but if he comes anywhere close to that success at UNC, he will be loved there. I feel the same way about Les Miles. He didn't meet expectations at LSU in the final years...
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    How Many Coaches

    Started following the team during Tubby Smith's run. Was born in 88, so in my lifetime: Clem Haskins Dan Monson Tubby Smith Richard Pitino
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    Is it time to replace Williams Arena?

    This seems like the best option if it were to be replaced. They even arguably did the same thing with TCF Bank Stadium in having the brick exterior and horseshoe shape as a sort of nod to Memorial Stadium.
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    The peak of the Pitino era

    I guess it's kind of difficult to find one specific peak during the Pitino era. His tenure has been really up and down, with good moments scattered throughout, but not really strung together if that makes sense. I went back over the past few seasons and looked up some of the bright spots that...
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