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    God Bless Our Democracy!!! Let this be a thread to celebrate it!!

    Fair enough. Just remember, spare the rod and spoil the Trumpster.
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    All Things 2020-2021 Minnesota Twins Off-Season Thread

    Speaking of: Twins sign J.A Happ. Not splashy, but a pretty good #3 or #4 starter. Maeda, Berrios, Pineda, Happ, Dobnak is a solid rotation.
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    All Things 2020-2021 Minnesota Twins Off-Season Thread

    Yes and no. The market is moving like glaciers. A whole bunch of guys are going to end up taking 1-year deals at the last minute. I'll withhold judgement. But they need a DH, starting pitcher, 2 relievers and perhaps an IF'er. So they do need to start sooner than later.
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    This is...CNN

    In 1986 that would have been a sick burn....
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    Show of hands needed...

    Except with Bible versus in place of cool 1970's tv show gifs....
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    Show of hands needed...

    It absolutely was. He was likely going to lose. Had he handled the pandemic with just SOME competence and compassion, it would have immensely helped his chances. All the "left" media from CNN to the NYT would have fawned all over how "when needed most, he stepped up and became President! He rose...
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    For the Health of our Democracy Can We Please End the Abortion debate

    ZZZ. She's dead and not relevant to the request of the OP.
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