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    Former Gophers DC Tracy Claeys Announces Retirement

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for Tracy Claeys. He was the right defensive coordinator under Kill. He may have been slightly in over his head as head coach but I thought he would eventually grow into that position. I still think he has great value as a football mind. I hope he can...
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    Logo Brands, University of Minnesota Ink Exclusive Licensing Deal

    Minnesota Gopher stuff is always sold out here in Texas no matter where I go. Its just weird.
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    Kirk Ciarrocca out at Penn St

    For the life of me, I could never figure out how PSU was going to be elevated by the hiring of KC. He always just seemed above average without a lot of creativity to me. I was not upset when he left, however the circumstances for him to have been let go during this Covid season are peculiar...
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    Texas fires Tom Herman

    Well, that is just not true!
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    Texas fires Tom Herman

    I saw a tweet that read....."Firing Sark for Herman is like passing a Chili's to go to Applebees". LOL.
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    Texas fires Tom Herman

    They also lost to TCU
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    Bowl Game Thread, 2020

    These teams that continually make the playoff have dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Running backs and wide receivers are interchangeable behind an Alabama OL. QB is the next most important position behind OL and DL.
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    Reusse on 2020 Gophs: "a lot of slow guys...Who takes the fault for that, Fleck-o-lytes, after his three full recruiting years"

    Patrick is such a breath of fresh air and his love for Gopher football always keeps me optimistic for the future even when our defense is a bit slow.
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    Why Minnesota was smart to not accept bowl bids (music city canceled)

    The decision to skip the bowl game showed me once again how in tune PJ is with his team. It's been a trying year and was time to let the team spend some family time. In addition, it's not like there are seniors that are going to miss a bowl game in their final season, unless they choose not to...
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    Gophers land former top-100 WR Texas A&M transfer Dylan Wright

    My 2021 hope is that you can tone it down a bit here on GH. You often have good posts, but attacking others is just so unbecoming. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with kindness and benevolence.
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    Big Ten jobbed in All-America selections

    Not surprising as those teams that played the most games were rewarded with their players receiving a good chunk of the accolades. No doubt in my mind Mo would have rushed for 1800+ yards had we played an entire season.
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    Fleck: "I think we can be a really good football team next year."

    Quite honestly, they were outreached in the Maryland and Wisconsin game. Could have been a 5-2 year very easily.......I know, if ifs and buts.....
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    Season thoughts

    In the end, college football is very similar to the rest of 2020, lets just put it all behind us and hope that going into the spring things are greatly closer to normal. I just hope we are a bit more creative on the offensive side of the ball. The defense improved throughout the year but also...
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    Was letting the clock run out at the end of regulation and going into OT the right call?

    That was hard to watch.....Morgan has to know he cant take a sack in that situation, get rid of the ball for goodness sakes.
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