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    Gopher-Hawkeye Prediction

    You sure about that? Gopher served in the US House of Representatives. Sure, he was from Iowa. But still...
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    Purdue files appeal to permit Jeff Brohm to communicate remotely during Saturday's game vs Iowa

    Ditto. I and most the people I know have been working remotely for over six months now. I don't see why a football coach can't do it if the technology makes it possible. If nothing else, it would make it less likely for future cases to get "hidden" if the NCAA makes it clear that getting the...
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    The 2020 Gophers season will be a success if?...

    Win at least two trophies (three if you count the Bits o' Broken Chair).
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    I keep hearing Rick Flair in my head!! Woooo!!
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    U cuts men's tennis, gymnastics and track and field

    Where is it written that football is a men's sport? If there was a woman that was talented enough to make the team and earn a scholarship, I think they would be welcomed with open arms. ;) --The previous comment was 99% in jest. Please be gentle in your criticisms of it.
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    Official Announcement from the U on Gophers' Return!!

    The average daily high for Dec 12 (the weekend of game 8) is 27.8 degrees. If they play the last home game on Dec 5, it is 30.4. Not exactly balmy but not the arctic tundra either. With all the gear and equipment to combat cold weather, the team will be fine playing at TCF, IMO.
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    U cuts men's tennis, gymnastics and track and field

    Ugh. This sucks. So they are cutting track and field but not cross country? Good luck recruiting runners to run a single season when they can go anywhere else and compete year round.
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    Pure genius poke at Nebraska and Michigan

    They have pretty good at skewering Tennessee in the past. This from last year, is one of my favorites:
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    Ohio State rebellion

    Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio St., Wisconsin and Penn St. When was the last time Nebraska had a winless season? Edit to add: It doesn't look like it has ever happened.
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    PP: UMN marching band prepares for an unprecedented season

    Definitely nudge him to try out again. I met my wife in the marching band, my sister-in-law was in the band, my father-in-law was in the band in the 50's, some of my best friends to this day were people I met in band. To say that being a UMMB member changed my life is not an overstatement.
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    PP: UMN marching band prepares for an unprecedented season

    My daughter will be a rookie trumpet. They just received an email from Betsy McCann that marching band is still happening. With an obviously much modified mission.
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    PP: UMN marching band prepares for an unprecedented season

    That’s too bad. What does he play that he was still auditioning at this late date? Is that a drum line thing?
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    Which endzone has had more touchdowns at TCF?

    That’s awesome. Did you by any chance break it down by touchdowns and field goals? I could see field goals being tougher on the open end due to wind. But I don’t understand why touchdowns would be significantly different.
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    Street and Smiths, Nebraska, I mean....

    Yep. Angering Gopher fans doesn't cause as big a hit in magazine sales as angering Nebraska fans. It's about selling magazines more than printing truth, IMO.
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