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    Nebraska is trying to get out of playing Oklahoma on Sept. 18
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    Nebraska is trying to get out of playing Oklahoma on Sept. 18
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    McCaffrey, Warner, Farniok leaving Frosty
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    Colorado game vs Texas A&M (week before Gophers) moved to Mile High

    Will be bummed if our game gets moved to Denver.
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    Luke McCaffrey

    Good read on where Nebraska is at.
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    Seth Green returning

    Guy has been a very useful player for us. Glad to have him back.
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    Former Gopher captain Jim Carter on Gophers opting out of bowl: “I’m opting out of consideration to play in the Masters next spring.”

    Just a completely uninformed take. If he didn’t realize that he is an idiot. If he did but said it anyway then he is worse than an idiot.
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    STrib: Badgers fell into a rut after original game with Gophers was canceled

    What about when Wisconsin chickened out on playing Nebraska?
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    Current Bowl Projections

    Can’t blame any players if they just want to move on after Saturday. On the other hand the bowl game would only be 10 or so days away. But those ten days cover Christmas. I hope we play in a bowl but also totally get it if the guys say “no thanks”.
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    Championship Week Game vs Wisconsin

    This is the worst Wisconsin offense I have seen in a long time. Could be a coin flip game.
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    Holy buckets. This one is SWEET.
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