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    2021 Football schedule likely to change

    8 game conference schedule is mostly good for us.
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    Jedd Fisch

    Never played football.
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    Thoughts on 1 Division?

    We want fewer conferences games, and fewer games against OSU. Easier for us to win an 8 game than a 9 game schedule.
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    Thoughts on 1 Division?

    Divisions have been good for us.
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    Insane Ball St. - Western Michigan football ending - check it out

    If I've seen this once, I've seen it a hundred times. You gotta be ready for this. SMH.
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    Steady improvement for Sori-Marin since week one.
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    The 5 biggest blunders P.J. Fleck has made in 2020 (1. More dudes on ‘D’)

    It's clear the staff didn't realize how bad the LB play was going to be.
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    Greg Schiano Big Ten Coach of the Year?

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    STrib Letter to Editors on Gophers "end racism" uniforms

    I understand if people have different opinions about End Racism. But I have to say that guy was making plays all over the field.
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    Gopher-Purdue pick

    Season is meaningless. Let's just get a little better every week.
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    Sweet, overtime. I can't get enough of this game.
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