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    New Coaches

    It does seem odd. Maybe Nuness isn't as out of the picture as Doogie portays him to be.
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    Assistant Coaches

    Alvin Brooks Jr is going to Lamar, his alma mater, from Houston. Alvin Brooks III is with Baylor.
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    Assistant Coaches

    There is no infatuation here. It may seem far fetched and I hate to put too much credence into Doogies tweet, but he seems to have his ear in on this and he says "You will definitely know one name". Of everybody whose name was brought up during the search Sam's would be the most recognizable...
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    Assistant Coaches

    This is PURE speculation but reading Doogies tweet, is it possible that Sam Mitchell could be Johnsons assistant/advisor ala Phil Martelli? Already was an assistant to Hardaway at Memphis so the whole ego thing doesn't seem to be an issue. Just a thought- NO knowledge whatsoever.
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    Shooter: Brian Dutcher praises Gophers’ hiring of Ben Johnson

    I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage here MplsGopher, you value your own opinion so much greater than I am able to.
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    Shooter: Brian Dutcher praises Gophers’ hiring of Ben Johnson

    I have never gotten the feeling that Coyle is the type to roll out of bed groggily, look at his calendar and say "Ooph , was that today?" I'll bet he was 80% in with his decision before Pitino was gone. I don't think it was a POC decision. I think it was a plus. He could have spent more with...
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    Shooter: Brian Dutcher praises Gophers’ hiring of Ben Johnson

    Or he plain and simply wasn't what they were looking for. Maybe they wanted somebody who had better connections in THEIR area. Just because X school or team didn't hire Y coach doesn't mean they weren't capable or were a lesser coach. Maybe they wanted a different age or a left-hander or a...
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    Gabe in Portal

    "They technically aren’t but if a coach needs a scholarship and a player isnt performing I guarantee that 4 year scholarship won’t be a 4 year scholarship" August 18, 2014 Andy Rittenberg- The Big Ten announced Wednesday that all of its institutions will grant athletic scholarships for the...
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    2021-2022 Roster

    Let's see.... ~4500 D1 MBB players. ~1000 MBB players in the portal. (I assume they are all D1?) About 22%. Seems like anybody who isn't 100% solid in their situation is in the portal. I don't know if there is a program more fluid right now than the Gophers. Get some coaching established...
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    All Things 2020-2021 College Basketball Coach Hire/Fire Thread

    I think it would be like Minnesota hiring the hockey coach from St.Cloud.
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    Doug Woog Era About to Begin?

    Woogs teams at the very least had identity. Part of that identity was high flying wide open attack hockey. Absolute blast to watch. Pushing sixty shots a game, don't take a leak cause you're going to miss something hockey. Down by three with five minutes left? Not a problem. Rarely did it feel...
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    Doug Woog Era About to Begin?

    Totally agree with this. ++++
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    Assistant Coaches

    Just bumping this thread. Any rumblings? Seems a lot of posters are speculating on transfers in and out, but I would think BJ getting his staff in order would be first order of business.
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    STrib: Gophers look ready to invest more in Ben Johnson's coaching staff

    Because he found the guy he wanted in Ben Johnson?
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    Thoughts on the Johnson hire from afar

    Excellent post Coolhand!
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