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    Nice Write-up by Chip

    Always a pleasure to read Chip. His appreciation and knowledge of college football is always appreciated.
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    Seth Green in Transfer Portal

    He can be proud of what he achieved at Minnesota on and off the field.
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    Antoine Winfield Jr. fined by the NFL for mocking Tyreek Hill's peace sign in Super Bowl LV

    Young Antoine knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. He is going to go a long way in and out of football.
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    Winston DeLattiboudere headed to Oregon as a defensive GA

    He was actually a "student-athlete". The U of M can be proud of who he was and what he will become in the future
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    Sid Hartman: Disagreement over duties made Lou Holtz leave Gophers

    The damage Lou Holtz did at Minnesota was long lasting. From committing to the Metrodome (the "Taj Mahal" of college football), to bailing on the program after less than 2 years, he was a complete fraud. In my lifetime most of the coaches here did more for the program than Holtz. Those coaches...
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    Gophers adding transfer punter

    ULM (Louisiana Monroe) spent the entire season in ESPN's bottom ten so I am guessing he had plenty of opportunities to work on his punting.
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    2021 Football schedule likely to change

    The Season opener on a the Thursday before Labor Day Weekend began, and remains, as a concession to the State Fair. If the opener gets moved to Columbus there is no reason for it to be a Thursday Night game. I have come to enjoy the Thursday Night home opener; take Friday off of work and go for...
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    NFL team wants to interview Fleck for head coaching job

    If a challenge is what you want, Detroit is where you want to be. Never been to the Super Bowl and last title was in 1957. They make the Gophers and the Vikings look like dynasties.
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    Seth Green returning

    He has been a fine representative for the team and the University. As a highly recruited QB he could have pouted and looked elsewhere when he didn't get a shot at the position. Instead he adapted to what the coaching staff wanted from him and became a valuable member of the team. He has also...
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    Jedd Fisch

    Jedd falls up again.
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    All Things 2020-2021 College Football Coach Fire/Hire Thread

    Some guys just have a way of falling up.
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    Antoine Winfield Jr. shows up to virtual presser in Gophers gear...

    Can we figure out a way to get him eligible? Pretend he is his younger brother who was briefly on the Gophers?
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    Big Ten Trophy Games

    The Victory Bell was a "welcome to the Big 10" prize to involve Penn State. Since we now have the Bell I am a believer!
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    The Northwestern-Minnesota game set for Saturday in Minneapolis is officially canceled

    Sure is a good thing that the Big Ten had a fall football season.
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    Rosebowl facility

    I would be willing to put up with those conditions if it meant watching the Gophers playing there some January.

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