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    Fleck seems unusually quiet

    I think PJ is sticking to what he does best, which is coaching football. If the team is doing well, then there's no reason to speak out publicly on these issues, which could end up causing some unnecessary tension within the team. Of course, he will probably be forced to speak about this other...
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    Jon Rothstein: Big Ten Preseason Power Rankings (#12. Minnesota)

    And, especially, if their two biggest rivals finish #1 and #2.
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    All things Spygate

    Pretty amazing that there are no repercussions for those behaviors.
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    Repeal the 17th Amendment?

    I would love to see term limits, and I believe each state should have its own method for electing senators. I'm not sure how things would appear with the other changes.
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    Battle 4 Atlantis headed for Sioux Falls?

    I've also heard Sioux Falls mentioned as a potential NCAA tournament host, which might make some sense if there are going to be little to no fans, anyway (no need for the large arenas that seat 10s of thousands).
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    Anyone else find themselves more crabby about the season with other games starting up?

    True. But, the same can be said for literally anything in life. Anyone with a belief in the afterlife (most religions) would even tell you there is more to life than life itself.
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    Dr. Dre’s ex-wife on why she wants $2 million a month for temporary spousal support.

    That's right. But, then she'd probably replace it with a big expense for counseling.
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    A Tale of Two Conventions

    A fair number of the idiots that were outside the convention, hounding everyone when they left the event, were probably paid to be there. Do they count as "working class?"
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    2020 Presidential Election - Trump versus Biden

    And all of the sane people are expected to just ignore these things?
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    2020 Presidential Election - Trump versus Biden

    You might be right about that. If Biden gets elected, they will probably get the federal aid, despite their unwillingness and/or incompetence in stopping the destruction. On the other hand, it's possible that Trump will not be willing to give them the financial aid, if he gets re-elected. If...
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    2020 Presidential Election - Trump versus Biden

    Very brave of that idiot to get in the faces of that couple while wearing a ski mask and surrounded by his own posse.
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    Notre Dame and North Carolina COVID Outbreaks - When Does ACC Cancel Season

    It's too bad we never get to see breakdowns of their symptoms. I'm assuming that information is out there, somewhere. That would bring us much closer to the full story.
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    University of Alabama COVID-19 outbreak not great news for college football season

    To put it another way, fans from the playing conferences will be following their teams intently on Saturdays, and many GHers will be intently following those teams on the other days of the week (not Saturdays).
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    2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate News...

    The public needs to see some Biden-Trump debates with a live audience (6 feet apart, or even 20 feet apart if needed, as long as there are some people that can witness it in person). There is no valid reason that can't happen before people start voting, which will be very soon.
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