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    St Thomas DI hockey?

    Remember when we didn't envy Penn State's new men's team having to play in the BIG against powerhouses like us, WI, MI, etc? Things can change quickly.
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    Darrell Thompson as a Husker? Former JM, Gophers star had Nebraska at top of his list

    Darrell's dad George has been an influential man and a pillar in the Rochester community for decades. He's a community leader and has served on many committee's and boards. Years ago I took a community education class that George and his wife taught on volleyball - fun times!
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    Andries Lands on Outland Award Watch List

    Do you think he will finally settle in to a permanent position on the line for his last two years? Or will they continue to move him around? And if they continue to move him around, does that hurt his draft status?
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    Wheel of Fortune

    Nicely done!
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    PJ FLECK in NDSU territory 2nite.

    It looks like a gorgeous night out there. PJ looks tan and handsome as always.
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    How the B1G will set the 10th game

    I too watched the game. One helluva finish. Go LOONS!
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    Stanford cuts 11 sports permanently.

    Surprised they cut men's volleyball. Men's Volleyball is big on the West coast, and I believe they've won national championships. Their women's team is a powerhouse.
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    JD Spielman. RTB?

    Daisy-Head Mayzie? (Tazy), oh never mind!
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    Should Goldy Get a Girl Friend

    Kind of like Fairchild and Fairborn over in St. Paul? (although, Fairborn is Fairchild's nephew, right?)
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    Joe Nelson: All of a sudden, Gophers' 2020 starting 5 could be really good

    Richard yes - Amir, not so much. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but Amir was not the warrior his father was. Amir is a very good basketball player though, but I wouldn't classify him as a tuff warrior.
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    EXACTLY. The advantage of getting drafted by a sucky team. So proud of Max two-fold (MN kid AND Golden Gopher)!
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    Shooter: "It looks like Oturu will be a top-15 overall pick"

    How cool would that be for Daniel and our BB program?! Love it.
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    David Mutaf commits!

    Why can't Omersa be our Dennis "The Worm" Rodman? Rebound like crazy and play elite defense,
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