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    Week 4 Other Games Thread: 2020 Season

    Just flipped around to a couple games. The OU/KS game has LOTS of fans in the stands as does AU/KY Not a heck of a lot of social distancing going on there.
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    High school football returns to Minnesota this fall

    Down here in Southern MN, we had a couple of Stewartville players (that are very good) transfer to Brookings, SD to play football for their senior year.
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    Fan attendance

    I was at that game too. Cherish the memories of being there live!
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    Watching ESPN: Lee Corso seems to have slipped a couple more clicks this year. Getting old sucks.
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    U cuts men's tennis, gymnastics and track and field

    I'm assuming OH State, MI, and Penn State have all 14 men's sports because they have huge athletic budgets. And if they have that many men's sports, they must have LOTS of women's sports due to Title IX.
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    PJ Fleck Pizza Commercial

    More PJ please!
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    B10 Winter/Spring Season in Domes

    Yup, panels open and heating Coyles kick on.....
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    A heartfelt congratulations

    Oh no you di'int!
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    Stollings in some hot water at Texas Tech

    I wonder if we'll hear any Gopher horror stories in follow-up?
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    STrib: Who might emerge as the Gophers' top receivers?

    As some have noted, I see us throwing more to the TE's this year. The catches will be much more spread around this year.
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    St Thomas DI hockey?

    Remember when we didn't envy Penn State's new men's team having to play in the BIG against powerhouses like us, WI, MI, etc? Things can change quickly.
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    Darrell Thompson as a Husker? Former JM, Gophers star had Nebraska at top of his list

    Darrell's dad George has been an influential man and a pillar in the Rochester community for decades. He's a community leader and has served on many committee's and boards. Years ago I took a community education class that George and his wife taught on volleyball - fun times!
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