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    Wins by Minnesota Starting QBs in history

    Sandy Stephens??
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    Darrell Thompson as a Husker? Former JM, Gophers star had Nebraska at top of his list

    .....when a highly recruited, intelligent young man shows up to visit the Husker's Blue Blood program; his dream school, looks around and says: "No thanks"
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    Cove: How a Big Ten-Only Football Schedule Would Affect the Gophers

    Serious home field advantage. The Vikings played at TCF late in to the fall/winter and it was cold, I can't imagine games like these possible winter Gopher games much colder than Carolina and Seattle was for the Vikings. I hope they do play outside and avoid falling back to US Bank stadium; aka...
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    Not trying to take away from the awesome Raztlaff golf story at all. On a flight from Minneapolis to some other city traveling for work I ended up seated next to a man taking extensive notes on something. I looked over and politely as I could asked what he was working on. By chance he was an NHL...
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    Reminds me of Paul Martin. The moral of the story is if the kid is a true athlete he will play at a high level, whatever sport he chooses. Coaches are looking for multi sport athletes these days.
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    Scott Dochterman breaks down why colleges MUST play football this year

    If Gopher football has to be played in spring 2021, oh well. At that point at least, I won't have to worry about Deer Opener this year. If the deer opener weekend game is at home (ie: Penn State) I stay home and I am happy to see the game at TCF, if it is away I go to deer camp. (no BTN) On...
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    Official: Big Ten is going to a conference-only season, playing 10 games

    Which games are losses in your scenario? Ohio State at the end of the year?! Gophers win that one.
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    Who cares what state the kids come from? If many of these kids in the 2021 class were from MN they would be the top kids in MN, by far. He is building a National Brand so the recruits are from all over the nation. More like Ohio State than WI.
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    Golden Domers

    How about the Golden Chromers for a nickname?
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    CBS: Ranking the 2020 college football quarterbacks in tiers (Tier 2: #1. Tanner Morgan, Minnesota)

    He forgot Cold Blooded. Morgan is a Cold Blooded Assassin as a passer.
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    Chris Doyle at Iowa is Gone

    You are a special kind of stupid aren't you.
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    Kirk Ferentz shows us all how to not take responsiblity

    I never really hated Iowa because well, they were not that good back in my youth. Now, I do not like them. Getting to Husker level. Badgers are still in 3rd for me, a very good team but can't hate them like these other 2. Kind of like hating your cousin, it is not that bad.
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    All Things Jaxon Howard Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Have Offered)

    Yeah I saw that too. I hope he was standing in front of Veritas.
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    JD Spielman. RTB?

    Did you guys see him at TCF when the Gophers torched the Riley led Huskers a few years ago? Scary with the ball in his hands and you held your breath until CC or some other good defender actually tackled him. He had a lot of yards that game. The pucker factor was high that game in my section...
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