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    Gabe to Iowa State

    Good luck Gabe! really thought your shot would return with a pass first point guard
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    Former gopher Jamir Harris heading to Seton Hall
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    March Madness, Trivia Question #6

    Can’t think of the other
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    In two years or three years we're going to be sick Coyle didn't hire Smith

    If Craig Smith stays a few more years he could fall into the Shaka Smart category. Shaka had better opportunities but waited too long and now look what he is doing. Had he jumped on a better job, he may be doing better things.
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    Ben Johnson Style of Play Video

    Or does it mean his style will depend on the roster? If he recruits well (getting the best players in the state) may not fit his style all the time. I like the fact that he is willing to change or morph to the roster. A former Tubby player told me that Tubby was unwilling to change and told the...
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    Q&A with Coach Johnson and Mike Grimm (Video)

    Excited for next year already!! Congrats Ben and best of luck. We are all cheering for you to have success!
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    Marquette fires Wojo

    New coach’s first priority - recruit Garcia!
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    Doug Gottlieb: Brian Dutcher isn’t leaving Montezuma Mesa for Minneapolis.

    Mike Max just said on 6 o’clock news that his sources said if Dutcher takes the job he is recruiting Ryan Saunders and Ben Johnson as assistants. Conroy would stay.
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    Pitino Relieved of Duties

    Indiana fired Miller and his buyout is more than $10mm
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    Devan Marble Vows to Never Watch Iowa Basketball...I Agree With Him

    Garza’s number retired immediately. Per AP: Marble led Iowa to its only 30-win season and an NCAA regional final in 1987 and to the Sweet 16 the next year, and many consider him the program's best player ever. His No. 23 has not been retired.
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    Shooter: Plenty of candidates for Gophers job; decision on Pitino was made 10 days ago; Pitino could interview for New Mexico and South Florida

    Bad luck doesn’t last 8 years. if Pitino does better at a new school in year 1 that happens to better than our new coach in year 1 only says Pitino did better with guys he didn’t recruit. Just like his best shooting team while he was here - year 1 (not Pitino’s guys).

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