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    Who do you have as your Gameday guest picker?

    Good choice - played here and is known by an audience well beyond die-hard football fans.
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    Journal Sentinel: Where were you for the Badgers Miracle in the Metrodome in 2005?

    As a student in the end zone where it happened right in front of me. All I kept thinking, was run out of the back of the end zone and take the safety. Give up 2 instead of 6.
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    Gopher seniors will be missed - thanks!!

    Who originally coined the Empire Class name?
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    Casey O’Brien undergoing surgery for spot on lung.

    Go Casey - we are all rowing for you.
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    Congratulations to Mark Coyle on the successful hire

    Agreed on Coyle getting his guy, but there is finally support from the administration and BOR for revenue sports and football specifically. They approved PJ’s new contract and more money for his assistants in a special meeting. Even more, some members of the BOR questioned if the salarie should...
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    TCF Record

    I am disappointed with the hire as well but on the bright side look at Kill's record at TCF last year compared to Brewster. Kill 1.000 Brewster 0.000
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    Maturi taking advice from Brewster?

    It is the same rhetoric as from Brewster, over promise and under deliver. We waited in anxiously while Maturi was secretive in the hiring process and got nuggets like we are out to find a "Tubby Smith kind of hire" and we get a 3 loss MAC coach with recruiting classes never in the top 100...
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