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    That’s some post! Could you elaborate?
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    2020 Presidential Election Poll - Post Debate #1 Edition

    I’m with you. What’s nice is in Minnesota we have 8 or 9 tickets from which to choose on the presidential ballot. I think I voted for Kunta Kinte...or was it Kanye West...I cant remember now. :unsure:
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    Science Factoids

    I think we all can now sleep better tonight. 👍
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    Science Factoids

    A 15 sq ft room is a closet.
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    Trumps Taxes

    Ur absolutely right. All those billionaire blacks no longer had to worry about estate taxes and capital gains. The world got brighter!
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    Voter Suppression efforts in full swing

    I voted today. Twice! ✌️
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    Trumps Taxes

    Not only do they pay too much tax, they are also deprived of campaign funds. Ask Lady G!
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    Do you wear a mask?

    Was she ugly?
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    2020 Presidential Election - Trump versus Biden

    Biden: self-confident, laidback, assured. Understands Friday is about RBG not himself. Displays presidential stature and bearing. IMPOTUS : apprehensive, restless, fearful. On day of national mourning craves attention and validation. Acts the part of a self-absorbed desperate loner. Sad!
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Carrying extra lbs fer sure.
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    Nazi Trump destroying landlord's with eviction ban.

    The landlords will be just fine. If they’re strapped for cash let the banks foreclose Baltic Ave or St. Charles Place, but don’t get rid of Park Place or Boardwalk. Those tenants will always have the ability pay rent.
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    Trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power - per his presser yesterday.

    U haven’t refined ur game much since trading barbs on the playground. Sad!
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