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    2021 Offseason Pictures/Videos

    The jumper’s up….. ….juuuuuuust a bit off-line.
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    History tells us Ben Johnson has a steep slope to climb

    What is there to lose? His job. Coyle’s job. Fan support. 5 years of opportunity cost. There is a lot to lose. Not saying Johnson can’t or won’t be successful, but I’m still waiting for the next bit of positive news. The Battle signing was the only one for me, so far. There’s been a whole lot...
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    This isn't going as planned

    I wonder if the transfer players that weren’t from MN or former Gophers (assuming the return was a draw for them) were committing to a team they expected to have a core of returning B1G players. They must look around the locker room now at this rag tag bunch and wonder what they signed up for.
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    All Things Tre Holloman Recruitment Thread (Class of 2022)

    Still waiting on some positive recruiting news out of this staff. It has to happen sometime, right?
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    Who will be the star for the gophs next year?

    Looks like the star may be a manager pressed into uniform, some foreign unknown, or … (who’s left without injury?) Is there an intramural player as good as Dave Winfield around?
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    This isn't going as planned

    I would like to see more off the ball screens for shooters (maybe we will, with better shooters). We started the year running some screen action for Gabe but, once he showed that he still couldn’t knock down shots, we went away from it.
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    This isn't going as planned

    I don’t think it’s possible to run more ball screens than we did last year.
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    And Daniels still doesn’t appear on the roster (though Curry was added pretty quickly). If Daniels falls through, it makes the Curry news a little more understandable (we’re truly in a world of hurt).
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    This isn't going as planned

    (Plugs ears) “La la la la la…”
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    Eric Curry

    The Johnson apologists are crazy if they think this is just about Eric. No way he tries to come back if we have a couple of transfer bigs ready to carry the load. Does no one remember Eric’s frustrated expression every time an opponent blew by him or easily out jumped him for a rebound last...
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    This isn't going as planned

    I think you’ve accurately summarized the situation (but could have also noted losing the entire returning roster but one). The longer this goes without a few notable commits, the greater the anxiety among the fan base. If a few more top tier MN kids choose other destinations, the pressure will...
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    NIL and College Basketball

    While I have always loved the Gophers, it may be time to shift my allegiance to my local D3 school. D1 looks on its way to being a dumpster fire.
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    Is Tanner Morgan a game-changer or game-manager?

    Especially when TJ was good for 1-2 easy drops per game.
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    NIL and College Basketball

    If I were an AD, players may seek to cash in on their likeness, but they wouldn’t be doing it in my school’s uniform. I know there are many fans who share my opinion that it’s the name on the front of the jersey that matters. I only care about the individuals because they’re part of my team. Let...

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