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    Something Up?

    You had me at bacon
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    Brandon Johnson Commits

    Lover levels? Is that why they transferred in?
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    Marcus Carr appreciation thread

    Glad I stayed up for that one! That crossover before the three was filthy... Woke up my son screaming at the tv after the shot!!
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    Tyler Johnson has raised his draft stock today!

    no need to take everything so seriously my friend.
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    Fleck = Brewster crowd

    Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.
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    Tyler Johnson has raised his draft stock today!

    204 and 2 tds against a supposed top 10 D from the SEC?
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    How's your top 10 D Auburn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Chris Orr says MN disrespected the axe

    Who and what is a Chris Oar? congrats on your .5 of a sack and being 6'0'' 224. you are going no where.
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    The stupidity of some on here is laughable

    Same thing in the Iowa game, Dunlap was out, and for some reason that didnt allow us run an extra OL in to the game. Dont know why they couldnt have used the backup Juco guy in that spot (extra lineman set, not at RG.) Faalele's injury shuffled 3 spots on the line, Andres to RT, center to rg...
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    Say something nice about wisconsin (2019 Edition)

    Spent nearly a year working in Milwaukee, I refer to it as I did time, as it sucked ass in so many innovative ways. Nice things: I didnt get stabbed in Milwaukee. I didnt get pulled over leaving Milwaukee at 90+ mph, when a cop showed up right behind me. Cop must have thought, I get it, I'd...
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    This was the most recent they had available.
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    Gophers using heating coils for games?

    We are all now dumber for reading this thread. Thanks GopherHole
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    This is a scary game for Wisconsin

    More important for them? They have 3 or 4 west titles. they got blasted 52-0 in indy a few years back. If it's so big for wisco, why did they return 600+ tickets?

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