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    It's time for THAT post

    Appreciate the effort, but total points is a pretty worthless stat. At a minimum, you should be looking to normalize per possession.
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    Such a predictable game on the road. Carr a non-factor and everyone cold as ice.
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    Antifa Infiltrates Trump Rally & Attacks Capital

    I think that’s your signal to drink the kool-aid. It’s over, Antifa has triumphed.
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    Antifa Infiltrates Trump Rally & Attacks Capital

    The violence, rioting and looting are unacceptable in both cases. The radicals on the far side of both aisles are responsible for the destruction, not the majority of the peaceful protestors. To me there is one major difference in what enticed the protest in the first place. In one case you...
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    Did the MAGA Patriots, on the scene, Fight to Stop the Evil "Antifas", and Put an End to Their Treasonous Violence Against America?

    CRG posted a picture of a prolific, known Q’Anon fanatic and a picture of two known white supremacists. They were pictured on an Antifa website to be identified as such. Show me where CRG posted anything that proves Antifa was there.
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    It's Time for Secession and Two Americas

    I’m in. You guys can have Kentucky, West Virginia, New Mexico and the Dakotas.
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    Antifa Infiltrates Trump Rally & Attacks Capital

    So this whole thread is based off of tweets about a prolific Q’Anon fanatic and two known white supremacists at the rally?
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    Arizona State @ Minnesota: 1-3-21 & 1-4-21

    I currently pay $45/month for 200mbps from Xfinity. Ironically, it would also cost me $137 to add their cheapest TV bundle that includes FSN and DVR. $48 in fees and taxes added as soon as you add TV. I share YTTV with my Dad who lives close by so it’s significantly cheaper. FSN is a deal...
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    Arizona State @ Minnesota: 1-3-21 & 1-4-21

    What’s your total Comcast Bill? They add a $15 “regional sports fee”, a broadcast tv fee and an HD fee for another $30/month at least in monthly fees.
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    Is Carr the best gopher this decade?

    I take Hollins 100% to be my starting SG/PG in that lineup. Mason ahead of Hoffarber as well. And I’m a huge Hoffarber fan.
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    All Things TV Series Recommendations/Reviews

    The first couple seasons were great, one of my favorite shows. The 3rd season was pretty bad, not nearly as clever. It's similar to a "What We Do in the Shadows" type of humor. Which I also love.
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    Walz is a Fraud on Covid LockDown

    Looking at those graphs, there was in all 4 states. Thankfully nothing that bucked the overall downtrend though.
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